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PMI Minnesota Chapter Special Member Meeting

PMI Minnesota




Dear PMI Minnesota Chapter Member:

First, let us state It is an honor to be a part of the Minnesota Chapter Board and a leader for this phenomenal organization. The current Chapter Board is very aware of the honor and responsibility we each hold with respect to the Chapter. We realize, once we are a member of the Board, it is not about our individual goals anymore, it is now about the Chapter and serving the Chapter members. Our focus is to improve our project management community for project managers and to create a more collaborative and inclusive environment, all while honoring the PMI Code of Ethics we agreed to when we became members. Over the last 16 months the Board has worked on returning the focus of the Chapter to align with the core services promoted by PMI GHQ (Global Head Quarters). This culture change has not been supported by all members within the Chapter, but we believe aligning the Chapter with PMI GHQ will best meet the needs of our members. 

Recently, the Board received a petition signed by 52 of our current 3,600+ members requesting a special membership meeting.  In the cover letter that was submitted with the petition vague implications of financial impropriety or possible fraud were referenced by Mr. Dean Boorman. The Board has asked Mr. Boorman to provide specific examples of any financial concerns he may have.  If there has been fraud or financial impropriety of any kind at PMI Minnesota, the Board would like to understand and address it as soon as possible.  Currently the Board has no information suggesting that there has been financial impropriety or fraud within the Chapter. 

We hope you will join us at the upcoming special member meeting (in person or via teleconference) so that we can (1) hear from you directly and (2) share the Board’s ideas about how we can re-dedicate ourselves to focus on the Chapter’s strategic goals. We are striving to expand our membership reach, our educational foundation to give back to our community, networking opportunities for our members, volunteer opportunities for members to hone their skills, and to strengthen our strategic partnerships with businesses in our market as well as our PMI Regional Community.  


PMI Minnesota Board of Directors



PMI-MN Special Member Meeting

Friday, May 17, 2019 at 5:30 PM

120 South Sixth Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55402

The PMI-MN Board of Directors requests your attendance at a PMI-MN special member meeting which will be held at the office of Nilan Johnson Lewis located at 120 South Sixth Street, Suite 400 in Minneapolis, MN.

Overview:  At the special member meeting, we will learn about the concerns raised by Mr. Dean Boorman related to financial activity of PMI-MN, and the Board’s responses to those concerns.  Members may be asked to request that the Board of Directors authorize an audit and appoint a committee to oversee the audit of PMI-MN’s finances.


  1. PMI-MN Board introductions and welcome by PMI-MN President.
  2. Dean Boorman, and any other member who wishes to speak, will explain concerns regarding PMI-MN financials.
  3. A member may move to request that the Board of Directors authorize an audit and appoint a committee to oversee the audit of PMI-MN financials.  The members may take a vote with respect to such a motion.
  4. A member may move to request that the Board call another special member meeting.  The members may take a vote with respect to such a motion.
  5. The meeting will adjourn with closing statements by the PMI-MN President.

The meeting will be held at PMI-MN’s law firm in Minneapolis.  The building (see address above) is on light rail.  Parking is on your own, and not paid for by PMI-MN.