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24th Annual PDD 2017 - Summary of Events #PMIMNPDD

This year’s Professional Development Days was the single largest attendance in our 24 year history. We also expanded and enhanced the PDD program.  Adding Education Days Endnote Speakers, Tuesday half-day classes, QR Code Scanning for PDU reporting as a Membership benefit, and a Mobile event application.

Our attendance came to total daily registration check-ins at 1,293. This breaks down to Education Days with Monday having 221 attendees, Tuesday 325,  Wednesday with 236, and Symposium Day having 595 registered attendees not including over 60 volunteers that operate this conference. Our final PMBoK version 5 PMP® preparation class educated 23 participants.

From a communications standpoint we used ‘Save the Date’ postcards, two page flyers, a catalog mailer, numerous  email awareness campaigns, prominent scrolling & stationary website banner ads, post registration email reminders, mobile application download and used email & social media campaigns, and a website countdown timer on one of our two websites.

Our new innovations this year was a great success in supporting the membership and conference attendees as we make our Digital Transformation with a Mobile Application platform and a custom attendee badge scanner application. The Mobile App for Education days was used by 241 attendees giving us a 67.5% full adoption rate! This application provided users 2801 uniquely guided sessions. On Symposium day we saw 452 downloads and 414 of the attendees used the application giving us a 69% adoption rate. It was clear that of the 433 unique users,  some downloaded the application onto multiple devices. This provided Symposium users 11,002 uniquely guided sessions with 8,160 the day of the event.

For some value perspective: if you were to assume the Symposium day alone had 8,160 questions that were 10 minutes each. The application would have translated to 81,600 minutes or 1,360 person hours (a half of a person year) of effort that was served up to the participants on demand. This is truly an incredible accomplishment.

BEST for last: PDD is a 100% Volunteer led and serviced conference by the membership of the Chapter. Yes, we have paid food service staff, room setup staff and ticketing staff as this requires specific risk management and insurance; our 18 member planning team and our 55 event volunteers put on this 4 full day conference for you all. 

We are certainly supported and enabled by our 18 sponsors, over 46 vendors booths, and key supporting organizations providing additional benefits at no cost to the event attendees & volunteers such as:

  • New Horizons – Profile Photographer (FREE)
  • Manifest Technology – Speaker Reception (FREE)
  • UMN CCE – Symposium Breaks (FREE)

See you next year at the 25th Annual PDD on September 24 – 27, 2018!


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