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Crowne Plaza Mpls AIRPORT Three Appletree Square Bloomington , MN
United States
Minnesota US
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Bring your personality to life with Lumina Spark, a personality system that colorfully displays your behavior and personal style. With the Lumina Spark method, you will have the opportunity to look at your strengths and communication preferences in a way that is fun, engaging, and memorable. From this information, you can determine possible areas for development and make an action plan for growth. The program will help you apply what you have learned with the Lumina Splash app. This app enables you to share and connect your personality strengths with the strengths of others, helping you build positive rapport.

Objectives/Key Take Aways
1. Expand awareness of self by confirming strengths,
communication preferences, and identifying possible
2. Distinguish differences in personal styles and develop tools to build strong relationships
3. Complete a goal-setting exercise and explore personality qualities that will accomplish those goals

Speaker(s) Bios: 

Jane Schuette has spent the past 16 years as a motivational speaker, executive coach, and team facilitator. She
has crafted a process that starts with uncovering an individual’s authentic self.

Jane works closely with clients to customize each program with the sole purpose of helping people achieve their goals. Under her guidance, over 17,000 individuals have amplified their productivity, impact, and successful goal attainment. Her trademark is to reakdown complex information and models into practical application for fast, yet lasting results. Jane is not only a Lumina
Learning practitioner but is also certified in several psychometric
tools and learning programs.


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