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Charitable Giving Program

The Charitable Giving Program of the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-MN®) was developed to enable the PMI-MN Board of Directors to respond to requests initiated by PMI-MN members, or charitable institutions, to receive donations of money or services. 

Types of Donations

• Services

Services controlled by PMI-MN such as use of its Web site, use of its equipment, use of its advertising media, PMI- MN members volunteers, etc. may be considered in the request for a donation. The time of a PMI-MN employee cannot be committed to any charitable organization.

• Money

A set amount of money is budgeted each year by PMI-MN for requests of the charitable organizations. A specific purpose for the money must be defined and appropriate audits or documentation that the money was used for that purpose sent to PMI-MN with in 60 days of the donation. Failure to provide the audits or documentation within the time period will exclude the organization from any future consideration by PMI-MN for charitable requests.

• Eligibility

Charitable organization that qualify for non-profit status under IRS regulations. In general, not for profit educational institutions are included. Excluded are any political, religious, or lobbying groups.

Individuals as recipients are specifically excluded from receiving donations. PMI-MN members in good standing may request donations on behalf of charitable organizations.

Requesting Donations

Proposed requests must be aligned with the chapter's purpose, vision, and mission and must advance the long-term interests of the PMI-MN as identified in the chapter's strategic plan. Requests will also be evaluated to determine if they are aligned with the chapter's charitable giving strategy.

The decision to donate resources will take into account the strategic and tactical benefits to both PMI-MN and the charitable organization. This decision will also take into account the capacity of both organizations to honor the commitments integral to the donation. No commitment can be made to provide ongoing support to any charitable organization of either time or money. Budget considerations may preclude giving money in any given year. All commitments should include an understanding that PMI-MN budget considerations may prevent PMI-MN from honoring all or part of a commitment of money.

If the request meets the criteria above, the following questions will be asked about the request for donation:

  1. Why are we looking at the request now?
  2. What do we want to achieve from the donation?
  3. Is a donation the best way for us to achieve our goals?
  4. What resources are we willing to commit to this request?
  5. How do the culture and the values of the designated Charitable organization and its representatives fit with ours?
  6. Do we need to attach strings to the donation?
  7. Is there another charitable institution that would be a better candidate?
  8. Code of conduct - do they have one? Is it enforced? How does it align with PMI-MN Ethics Code?

Charitable Giving Form

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