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Community Project Coaching Success Stories!

PMI-MN Chapter members work locally in partnership with the United Way. The Greater Twin Cities United Way awards "Service Through Technology" grants to non-profit organizations. These grants offer an option to participate in PMI-MN's Community Project Coaching Program where member professionals serve as coaches on community projects.

PMI-MN members coach project managers in each organization for about six months and help them accomplish the project’s objectives using project management knowledge, processes and tools. The following organizations (and others) have received project management coaching assistance:

  • Neighbors Inc. provides emergency and supportive assistance to seven communities in northern Dakota County. United Way funding will help this organization develop and install a client database to facilitate quick and easy access to a client’s past history to assist in make decisions about future service. Jennifer Grant is the project coach, and John Kemp is the project manager at Neighbors.
  • Based in St. Paul, Model Cities provides under-served individuals and families, especially in Ramsey County, a wide range of services to help keep families safe, independent and healthy. As part of its strategy to improve client tracking and outcome evaluation, a web-based database will help this organization produce reports that can link client intake information with treatment outcomes. The project coaches are Susan Holmen and Ratna Nannisetty, and the project manager at Model Cities is Annie Ohneswere.
  • Merrick Community Services has been working with St. Paul’s East Side community since 1908 providing a wide range of senior services, family and youth programs, emergency services, counseling and employment services. Merrick’s database project will coordinate data-gathering to enable service providers to have a better picture of which services clients are utilizing. John Sjolander, project coach, is assisting Donna Legato Hirte, project manager at Merrick.
  • Lao Family Community of Minnesota, Inc. strives to help members of the Hmong community strike a balance between Hmong culture and modern American life through programs that focus on English education, employment, youth and family services, and health. Funding from United Way will make it possible to develop an agency database to be used by all programs. John Stein will provide project management coaching to Sharon Nelson, project manager at Lao Family Community.
  • The Southeast Asian Community Council helps build the capacity of its clients enabling them to participate fully in American life while retaining important cultural values and traditions. Building an electronic intake database will help this organization more effectively provide academic support, cultural and artistic programs, sports and recreation, community health services, family strengthening, elder programs, etc. Skip Levesque is serving as project coach, assisting Xee Thao Lee, project manager.
  • Ana Alvarez Holmberg worked with Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, an organization that provides information, referral, advocacy and direct financial assistance to low-income families and individuals in the western suburbs. Services are delivered through a partnership of faith communities, schools, government, business, community groups, foundations and individuals to enable clients to move past crises to greater self-sufficiency. Ana may no longer be with us, but a scholarship created to honor her volunteer efforts with PMI-MN can be found at Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship.