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Community Project Management Coaching

Embracing our value to give back to the community, we've created a program that allows the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-MN®) members to use their project management skills to give back to the community in a one-on-one coaching environment. The Community Project Coaching Program (CPC) has been designed to put PMI-MN in touch with community organizations through a coaching program that capitalizes on project management expertise. Chapter members are matched with community organizations to provide project management coaching in a positive and productive environment where they can make a difference.


In February 2001, a team was formed to identify opportunities to expand the Chapter That Cares Program (CTC) focusing on possibilities for PMI-MN to provide opportunities for its 2,000 members to use their project management skills in support of the community. A program that creates a link between PMI-MN members and community organizations to provide coaching for the project managers and teams within these organizations was born.

Program Objective

The objective of the CPC is to provide PMI-MN members with opportunities to serve the community by coaching project managers on projects in community organizations.

Vision and Mission of the Chapter That Cares

Since the CPC is under the broader CTC, it has been designed within the context of the CTC vision and mission:

Vision Statement

The Chapter That Cares Program leverages the project management expertise of its members and provides to give something back to the community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chapter That Cares Program is to facilitate the members of PMI-MN in using their skills for community service.

Community Project Coaching Success Stories!

PMI-MN coaching services are underway to non-profit organization recipients of "Service Through Technology" grants from the Greater Twin Cities United Way. See more about these Chapter efforts here.

How to get started in the coaching program ...