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PMI June Newsletter

Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER | Volume 19, Issue 06

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Message from the President 

As you know, our intrepid volunteers travel the globe looking for the best practices in serving you, our membership. Your chapter provides many services, local events and opportunities to network. We strive to be number one in in satisfying your career needs within a sociable environment.

Both the chapter and PMI global send out surveys to assess needs and levels of satisfaction. We really look forward to hearing from you! We’re not always sure we are asking the right questions, so the comments are just as important as the survey responses. Your email is appreciated as well.

Last month Terri Kimball, Alexandra “Alex” Wincell and Manish Kalra attended the PMI Leadership conference (EMEA) in Rome, Italy. Terri and Alex were there as speakers for the Association Governance Track, on the topic of “Succession Planning”. The session was well received and the second appearance by our own dynamic duo on this vital subject. If you were watching the LinkedIn traffic, Terri was sending out highlights of the EMEA LIM during her stay.
Aside from the presentation excitement, Terri got to talking with a group from the PMI Ireland chapter (based in Dublin). One thing led to another and John McGrath, a professor at Dublin Institute of Technology offered to visit us last month. We were able to quickly put together a “pop-up” event, and sent out invitations – our first “Outreach” event in St Paul. Ticket demand was greater than the space originally available – a “sold-out” Outreach event. John provided a bit of background on the Ireland chapter, the global economy and its challenges (e.g. Brexit), and on the topic of “The Competitive Advantage of PMO Leadership“.  We also got a demonstration of a Portfolio Management product for creating PMO dashboards. A fun evening with a global partner!
Jim Snyder PMI Founder Manish also attended EMEA LIM and the PMI Congress event. “I found it helpful to connect and network with other chapter leaders across the world. I learned some of the unique challenges they face and things they are doing… [they] demonstrated some strategic ways to grow the chapter. The “aha moment” was sitting with Jim Snyder (one of the Founding Fathers of PMI) and having breakfast with him at 7 am . Just two of us! He shared his insight and some of the challenges he faced in the initial years of PMI… how [the PMI global] board works currently and how trusted the organization has become, all over the world!
In Omaha NE the “Heartland” chapter hosted the Region 2 strategic and leadership event (we are one of 21 chapters included in “Region 2”). Five of us represented the chapter, Mohamed Diab, Joe Perzel, Janice Pyka, Chris Pierce and myself. Janice was posting to LinkedIn during the conference. It was a great event and very informative – a chance to meet and work with team members within the region. Peggy Hoffman was the end-note speaker, and pretty much summarized our discussions on “Creating an exceptional member experience, one that drives member engagement and loyalty, begins with good governance… and vibrant leadership.” As Chris Pierce summarized, “Omaha was very eye opening…  I was very encouraged and empowered by the examples…”
Coming up, in the next few months we have webinars, breakfasts / dinners, certification courses, seminars, family-fun get-togethers. Check-out our web page and LinkedIn community – join us and use your membership for all it’s worth!
It is exciting isn’t it? We are in a profession that focuses on creating things from scratch – building reality from something in a dream or on a napkin. How cool is that? And we have a global community involved in the same endeavor, each of us sharing our knowledge and learning from others. All of us building, refining and restructuring our portfolio of projects!

Chris Doyle

President & CEO, PMI-MN



Chapter News

2017 PDD Registration is open and waiting for you!

2017 PDD is PMI-MN’s spectacular annual project management event that offers industry professionals in the upper Midwest an array of educational and peer opportunities they won’t find anywhere else. This year’s lineup includes over 50 classes and sessions with topics geared to professionals in multiple industries spread over four full days, Sept 25-28. Three days of educational classes and workshops are followed by a one-day Symposium and Vendor Fair with classes, exhibitors and nationally known Keynote and Endnote speakers.

Join us for this great learning and networking event.

Here are important dates and figures to remember for 2017 PDD:

Sept 25-27 (M-W) Education Days 

2017 PDD Sponsorship

Hello, Fellow PMI-MN Chapter Members.  We need your assistance!

The Sponsorship Committee is in full planning for our September 25-28 Professional Development Days.  We want your company to Sponsor a piece of the event, it could be a Track or a Speaker or a Booth, or all, there are options. 
Sponsors’ support and participation contribute significantly to the success of our event.  Please remember why we host this amazing event, the Educational Tracks help certified project management professionals to maintain their status.  We would appreciate your help by asking your manager about the company’s interest in engaging with Project Management Professionals & Project Management Offices at the BIGGEST regional event of the year by being a Sponsor.
>>Read More

Saints Game

Wear are going to a Saints game on Friday August 18th.  The game starts at 7:00 but we have a pregame Lawn Meal and fireworks.  Order with the attached link and be at the Broadway entrance by 5:30 PM at the CHS Field in St Paul.  There are limited seats so reserve your seat as soon as you can! >>Register Here 

Nominations Open for 2018 Board of Directors
We Need You! Are you interested in serving on the 2018 Board of Directors of a leading chapter in the fastest growing professional organization in the country? Contact the Nominating Committee today!
Qualified candidates have all of the following :
1.) A chapter member as recorded by PMI
2.) Attended 3 chapter events or volunteered a minimum of 40 hours in the past 16 months
3.) Is in good standing in accordance with PMI International policies
Contact the chapter’s nominating committee at or a member directly:

1.) Betty Ingram, PMP®
2.) Michelle Moodie, PMP®
3.) Mohamed Diab, Ph.D.
4.) Susan Heidorn, PMP®, Ph.D.

 >>Read More

Join our Paint-A-Thon Team!
Every year a group of folks like yourself volunteer for Paint-A-Thon, having painted over 6,000 homes since 1984. PMI-MN has been involved for many years and once again is assembling a team of volunteers for Paint-A-Thon.
This year’s Paint-A-Thon occurs over two Saturdays – Prep day is July 29th and Paint Day is August 5th.  On Prep Day  team members wash, scrape and prime the house. Minor home repairs and landscaping is done too.  The following Saturday is paint day.  The house is painted, some finishing work is done along with finishing up minor repairs and landscaping. Teams start at 8:30 a.m. and finish midafternoon on both days.  Breakfast and lunch are provided and volunteers get a free T-shirt too.  >>Read More



Member News

PMI-MN schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.

Check our PMI-MN Events Calendar on the Events tab at for ongoing details and registration for upcoming events.

New Members for the Month of April

  • Sheri Arntson
  • Randolph Bayerl
  • Mary Bazal
  • Joyce Beck
  • Jeff Bengtson
  • Linette Bennett
  • Mary Bjork
  • Neil Brogger
  • Joseph Burling
  • Sarah Busse
  • Daniel Cheek
  • Maurice Chenier
  • Jeanne Cholewa
  • Kathleen Crow
  • Evan Curtis
  • Sarah Daly
  • Valerie de Petra
  • Viridiana DeRuiz
  • Brandon Dickens
  • Eru Egbuwoku
  • Eric Engstrom
  • John Evans
  • Michael Flaherty
  • Marjorie Fox
  • Tamara Fuder
  • Laura Giesecke
  • Kory Gilderman
  • Anne Gustafson
  • Michele Haggar
  • Dennis Harken
  • Beth Hatch
  • Jeffrey Hippler
  • Aimee Hoffman
  • Barbara Hoganson
  • Sara Holmdahl
  • Jeremiah Iacarella
  • Tye Jensen
  • Jenny Jiang
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Patrick Joseph
  • Erin Kees
  • Mary Kellogg
  • Carolyn Klein
  • Denise Klokow
  • Beth Koenig
  • Ryan Koffler
  • Joseph LaForte
  • Amelia Lanier
  • Brian LaRoche
  • Sai Lee
  • Xiang Li
  • Steve Liu
  • Timothy Mack
  • Don Macy
  • Anthony Manning
  • Khalid Maye
  • Jacob Mayne
  • Amy Molan
  • John Nelson
  • Katherine Nesheim
  • Angie Nixon
  • Yonara Nucci
  • Caitlyn Nystedt
  • Jacquelyn Oakley
  • Natalie OBrien
  • Todd Onell
  • pankaj pandey
  • Matthew Papenfuss
  • Mark Perfetti
  • Jaclyn Peterson
  • Mary Phillippi
  • Scott Pickler
  • John Pinkerman
  • David Plourde
  • Tanja Popovich
  • Jeffrey Post
  • MG Ravishankar
  • Andrew Rayle
  • Tanya Santers
  • Ellen Scipta
  • Manjusri Sengupta
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Stephanie Simmonds
  • Wendy Smith
  • Rick Smith
  • Michael Stewart
  • James L Stroud Jr
  • Catherine Vacinek
  • Joseph Verbout
  • shawna vivant
  • Jean Wallace
  • Megan Warmbold
  • Paul Wertzler
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Patrick Zech
  • Stacey Zor


New Certifications for the Month of April

  • Therese Anderson PMP
  • Brady Bargman PMP
  • Cindy Cherry-Gill PMP
  • Charles Davis PMP
  • Mark Edstrom PMP
  • Andrew Fiskness PMP
  • Laura Hanson PMP
  • Jeffery Hensley PMP
  • Beth Koenig PMP
  • Cheryl Kyle PMP
  • Steve Liu PMP
  • Annette Lucille PMP
  • Erin Mason PMP
  • Justin Meagher PMP
  • Cesar Penalosa PMP
  • Sara Perfetti PMP
  • Krissi Roschen PMP
  • Erin Siewert PMP
  • Bruce Stephens  PMP
  • Michael Stewart PMP
  • David Tynes PMP
  • James Walker PMP
  • Aleksandra Denisova PMI-ACP
  • German Enrique Jimenez  PMI-ACP
  • Fakarudin Mohamed PMI-ACP
  • Michael Hofstad CAPM


Save the Date - Register and Save 

PMI-MN schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.

Check our PMI-MN Events Calendar on the Events tab at for ongoing details and registration for upcoming events.

June Events:
July Events:
  • July 19 - Webinar  - "You Are Remarkable!" presented by Michelle Smeby | 12:00  1:00pm (1.0 PDU)
August Events:

Chapter Officers

Chris Doyle
Geraldine Marks, PMP®
Director - Governance/Board Secretary
Michelle Maas, PMP®
Director - Finance
Mohamed Diab, MBA, PhD
President Elect/COO - 2017
Jerry Comes, PMP®
Director at Large
Alisha Walter
Director at Large
Terri Kimball, PMP®
Past President - 2016
Joe Perzel, PMP®
Director at Large
Mark Neumann, PMP®
Director at Large


PMI-MN Office
1611 County Rd B West, Ste 320
St. Paul, MN 55113
phone: (651) 917-6246
fax: (651) 917-1835

PMI Headquarters
Four Campus Boulevard
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phone: (610) 356-4600
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