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PMI MN April 2017 Newsletter
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PMI Project Management Institute Minnesota Chapter -
Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
APRIL 2017 | Volume 19, Issue 04

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2017 PDD

In This Issue:

Message from the Chapter President

Dear Members,

I thoroughly enjoyed the attendance and enthusiasm at last month’s Business Meeting! Thanks to all of you who attended! Our refreshed Bylaws were unanimously adopted by our chapter members “present and in person” (which included those attending remotely). PMI global has accepted the vote and approved our Chapter renewal.

At this time last year, my predecessor Terri Kimbal asked a pertinent question, “Are you taking advantage of your membership?” Her question and answer resonated with some of the focus group sessions we are conducting. Many of our members have leveraged their membership by accessing the wealth of knowledge at (part of the PMI umbrella). As I listened to the participants, I heard loads of praise for the content. Just a mouse-click away is help on project challenges from around the world. Sample templates, tutorials webinars, blogs, articles, and tools. is also home for practice areas and information topics like risk management, motivating your team, creating traceability matrices, or balancing a strategic portfolio. Log in with your PMI credentials and get access to all of the premium content at no additional charge (a $249 value).

Also be sure and check out the Learning tab on You’ll find academic research, reports, the annual salary survey, and a job board. You can download any of 16 standards and practice guides for free from the PMBOK® Guide and Standards tab. Online courses are also available.

Most importantly though, as a PMI-MN chapter member, you can meet-up with other project management practitioners – in all our methodological diversity, from Agile development to work breakdown structures. Our chapter has thousands of members, and conducts hundreds of events, just so we can meet each other and talk face-to-face. On the face of it, we may be interested in career advancement and professional recognition. Under that we like meeting our peers, talking about our concerns and successes, and making new friends.

Because we like to be an inclusive chapter, we offer free webinars and local practitioner communities, Outreach communities, Education Foundation events for kids, college events, networking events, volunteer opportunities, community service engagements (e.g. Paint-A-Thon), scholarships, and social media connections (e.g. LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Twitter).

Your Chapter membership gets you discounts on all our paid events and programs as well: Dinners, Breakfasts, Luncheons, Professional Development Days, Certification training, etc. Log into the website to access local job postings and loads of information. Your $30 annual membership enables you to take advantage of a $10 discount on all breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, save $150 on a PMP® exam prep class and $100 for each day of PDD, our annual conference, plus a free professional photo at the annual Career Fair (April 17th this year)! Total potential annual savings? Over $750. Not a chapter member? What are you waiting for?

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle

President & CEO, PMI-MN

Chapter News

9th Annual Career Fair

The 9th Annual Career Fair is Monday, April 17th from 3:30 - 6:00pm at the Crowne Plaza in Bloomington. This is a great event to attend if you are looking for new career opportunites and to network with other professionals. This event is free for everyone.

Topics include:

  • Be The Most Memorable Person In The Room
  • Power Up Your Career with Presentation Skills
  • Advancing Your Career By Starting Your Own Business
  • Leveraging Training to Enhance your Personal Brand

After each speaker, we will give away 1 FREE Dinner! You will also have the option to take professional photos for your business or LinkedIn profile.

Project Management Skills For Life (PMSFL): A Joint Teenage Youth Outreach Program

Managing projects is a key life skill for our youth to develop.  PMI-MN and The Northern Star Councils of the Boy Scouts of America have teamed up to offer instruction and practice for teenaged boys and girls.  It is open to both scouts (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) and non-scouts.  The first two hour Introduction class is on April 22 in Lakeville – see the program flyer for registration details.

A second Introduction session will be offered in late October.  A more comprehensive, three session (2 hours each), Fundamental course will be offered in late July (22nd, 26th, and 29th).  The Fundamental course will give anyone organizing high adventure trips or working towards a Gold Award or Eagle Scout designation.

Mark Your Calendar: Key Professional Development Events

Earn PDUs at your convenience with professional events:

Webinars: Monthly (Consult the Event Calendar)

Seminars :



Lean Six Sigma



Leadership: The Making of a Professional, Enterprise Level PM

PMP Prep Certification Class (starting dates):

Summer : 07/11/2017 REGISTER HERE
Fall: 09/25/2017 (During PDD [Professional Development Days])


Professional Development Days (PDD)

September 25-28, 2017 at St. Paul River Centre

Why attend PDD? What is PMI-MN offering?

Why attend PDD?  PMI-MN's mission is to provide value to our members and our community through opportunities for career development and to advocate the advancement of the project management profession and its disciplines. Each year we pull together our Chapter’s resources and expertise to execute our largest project of the year:  Professional Development Days, our four-day annual conference. The goal is to give professionals in project management, inundated with digital communication and daily project interactions, a breather from your practice and a chance to learn how to improve it. 

And it’s time you share your experiences, IN PERSON, with others who understand the challenges and rewards of working with teams on project work.

This year, PMI-MN PDD is offering one-day, two-day and half-day classes in topics such as connecting with stakeholders, shaping your reputation through feedback, leading in an age of permanent whitewater, accountable leadership, agile product ownership, and many more. Our symposium on September 28 is a buffet of 28 sessions of varied topics on Leadership, Strategy, Technical Skills, Change, Applied PM, Agile, and Team Building. It’s your chance to pick what works best for your schedule, and to find out what’s going on. 

Registration opens June 1.

Watch for updates on

PMI-Minnesota: Powered by you

We have great plans to offer more services to you, our members in the coming year.  These services are made possible by our volunteers and we have many openings.  By volunteering you can earn PDUs, earn credits toward meeting attendance fees, learn new skills,  network with the best project managers in the area, and have fun with your peers.  Please join us in making our chapter great: just a few hours a month can make a big difference!

Scholarships available to help your career development

Each year PMI-MN sponsors two scholarships to help members of our community advance their careers.  The application deadlines for both of them are approaching quickly.

Robert Yourzak Scholarship Award – Applications due by May 1

This $2,000 scholarship is open to current and prospective students who registered at accredited, degree-granting colleges or universities and are pursuing degrees in project management or related fields of study.

Ana Alvarez Holmberg Scholarship – Applications due by May 31

This $2,000 scholarship is jointly offered by PMI-MN and The American Society of Training and Development  - Greater Twin Cities (ATD-GTC).  This award can be used for either general personal development (e.g., obtaining or maintaining certifications) or formal academic training by a current member of one of the sponsoring organizations.  Successful candidates will be committed to community service, committed to personal advancement and continuous learning, and exhibit high personal standards and passion for life.

PENWorks 2017: Advancing Organizational Excellence

Performance Excellence Network April 24 & 25 in Brooklyn Center

Learn proven ways to improve your organization's results! PENworks 2017 is the region's largest, most powerful conference focused on continuous improvement and organizational excellence! You will gain insights that will inspire change and facilitate better outcomes in your organization and in your career!

Learn best practices from 31 local, regional, and national speakers -- ways to improve your leadership effectiveness, customer service & engagement, workforce engagement & capability, use of measures/data and decision making, strategic planning processes, innovation, and operational performance.

Register Here

Member News

Congratulations to Members Awarded Certifications!

9 Members have earned their PMP® designation in February
The following PMI-MN members received certifications in February:
  • Monica Bruning PMP®
  • Erik Johansen PMP®
  • Rachel Johnson PMP®
  • Viral Joshi PMP®
  • Michael Kattula PMP®
  • Travis Lott PMP®
  • Sylvia Matekole PMP®
  • Edward Simon PMP®
  • Molly Sumrell PMP®

Welcome New PMI-MN Chapter Members!

201 New Members have joined PMI-MN in February
The following new Chapter members joined PMI-MN in Febraury
  • massey afzali
  • Desiree Ahlstrand
  • Emem Akpan
  • Craig Andersen
  • Chet Anderson
  • Shari Anderson
  • Shelley Andrew
  • Paul Antelman
  • Tamara Armstrong
  • Mitzi Arth
  • Amy Bangen
  • Angel Baul
  • Wendy Baynard
  • Donna Beamon
  • Edouard Bedros
  • Arron Bendt
  • Sara Bertram
  • Pat Biesboer
  • Stacy Billings
  • Albena Blagev
  • Amy Blank
  • Taron Boney
  • Lisa Boysen
  • Jane Bradley
  • Wayne Bradley
  • Jean Braun
  • KaChee Bremer
  • Harold Broman
  • Marcia Brondyke
  • Larry Brousseau
  • Julie Bruggeman
  • Monica Bruning
  • Christopher Bucksa
  • Brenda Bulawa
  • Tanner Busby
  • Jim Caldwell
  • Peter Callies
  • Paul Campobasso
  • Matthew Caruso
  • Robert Cavalieri
  • Sandeep Chandak
  • mireille chevrier
  • Janene Christman
  • Arthur Cofield
  • Paul Comeau
  • Marsha Cook
  • Shannon Cookle
  • John Coulter
  • Gerald Covel
  • Meg Daun
  • Marcia Davis
  • Rebecca Davison
  • Mark DeBower
  • Dawn DenBleyker
  • Jennifer Dieterle
  • Victor Daniel Doyle
  • Christian Drews
  • Francine Dupont-Crocker
  • Cemal Sam Duru
  • Jeffrey Dusek
  • Chad Dykoski
  • Brian Egan
  • Julie Ekholm
  • Nathan Eklund
  • Beth Fabbrini
  • Angela Fetters
  • Alexander Figueiredo
  • James Edward Finch
  • Kristin Fitzsimmons
  • Gerald Foote
  • Scott Franz
  • LeRoy Frie
  • Brian Gallmeier
  • Jothimani Ganesan
  • Melete Gegziabher
  • Eve Gehling
  • Kimberly Gottesleben
  • Brenda Lee Granquist
  • Thomas Wendell Green
  • William Greer
  • Jonathon guyer
  • John Hall
  • Leland Hammel
  • Maree Hampton
  • Gregory Hansen
  • Joseph Hays
  • Steven Hedberg
  • Brent Heibner
  • Steven Herbst
  • Bradley Hesslund
  • James Hill
  • Connie Hines
  • Keith Hornbacher
  • Mike Huepenbecker
  • Alfred Huf
  • Debra Huhnerkoch
  • Ruth Hvidston
  • Hanna Icenogle
  • Rita James
  • Leslie Jensen
  • John Jesse
  • Carrie Johnson
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Roger Johnson
  • Judy Johnson-Hille
  • Clint Key
  • David Kishish
  • Alan Koeckeritz
  • David Konold
  • James Korslund
  • Karieann Kubera
  • George Kwangware
  • Jill Larson
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Benjamin Leonard
  • Kendra Lettau
  • Sherri Leu
  • Henry Lewis
  • Kevin Robert Ley
  • Cherie Little
  • Dale Loudermilk
  • Mark Lowry
  • Annette Lucille
  • Scott Madsen
  • Vicki Malecha
  • Geraldine Marks
  • Brandon May
  • Carrie McCollor
  • William Milewski
  • Thomas Modl
  • Nanda Molleti
  • Steven Nelson
  • Beth Neubrech
  • Penny Nhan
  • Joe Niemi
  • Martin Novak
  • Diane Nynas
  • Michael Olsen
  • Steven Olson
  • Lisa Pasquale
  • John Pawlowski
  • John Persoon
  • Louise Pesavento
  • Maureen Petersen
  • Teresa Peterson
  • Kathleen Pettis-Smith
  • Pamela Pittman
  • Dean Polsfut
  • Lisa Porter
  • Margaret Powers
  • Girjesh Raje
  • Deva Ramaswamy
  • Ann Reid
  • Marie Reilly
  • Susan Rick
  • Richard Rietow
  • L. Randal Rippy
  • Jon Roloff
  • Charles Ruzin
  • Mark Salzwedel
  • Troy Sande
  • Ricky Sather
  • Janell Schiller
  • Parker Schultz
  • Dawn Schumacher
  • Debra Scott
  • James Seaser
  • Jay Seiter
  • Tammy Severe
  • Melissa Shaw
  • Jameson Shiek
  • Sherrie Simpson Coleman
  • Michael Sis
  • Dmitri Smirnov
  • Melissa Smith
  • Gary Snyder
  • Paul Sperl
  • Shelby Splinter
  • Mary Jane Swanson
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Patricia Thomas
  • Kristie Thompson
  • Guhan Vaidyanathan
  • Cindy Weamer
  • Henry Weinzierl
  • Claire White
  • Lynne Widner
  • Stan Wiebe
  • Mike Wiktor
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Robert Willock
  • Gregg Wincell
  • Shannon Winger
  • Christopher Wininger
  • Stephanie Wollack
  • Bryan Woodward
  • Adam Zelm

New Member Orientation Sessions (held monthly)
Welcome newcomers and current members! PMI-MN offers a new member orientation session starting at 6:00 pm before each month’s Chapter dinner meeting.
You don’t actually need to be a new member—or a member at all—to attend this orientation session! This is a great way to check out the Chapter. If you haven’t been to many Chapter events (or it’s been a long time), come and get re-acquainted with what our Chapter is all about!
Check the upcoming month’s dinner meeting details on for time and place of the Member Orientation session.
February 2017 Renewal Drawing
PMI Minnesota Chapter members who renewed in the month of January were automatically entered into the drawing. Using a random number generator, each month we pick 1 winner who will recieve a $50 VISA gift card.
This month's gift card goes to Emem Akpan. He has been a member for 4 years. Congratulations Emem, and thank you for your continued support and involvement.
Save the Date – Register and Save

PMI-MN schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.
Check our PMI-MN Event Calendar on the Events tab at for ongoing details and registration for upcoming events. Save up to $10 by purchasing your tickets in advance.

April Events


  • April 26 - Webinar "Preventive Testing" presented by David Gelperin | 12:00-1:00 pm (1.0 PDU)

May Events

  • May 9 - Chapter Breakfast "Take Me to your Leader" presented by Christine Pierce | 7:00-8:50am Bloomington, MN (1.0 PDU)

June Events

Chapter Officers


Chris Doyle
Geraldine Marks, PMP®
Director - Governance/Board Secretary
Michelle Maas, PMP®
Director - Finance
Mohamed Diab, MBA, PhD
President Elect/COO - 2017
Jerry Gomes, PMP®
Director at Large
Alisha Walter
Director at Large
Terri Kimball, PMP®
Past President - 2016
Joe Perzel, PMP®
Director at Large

Mark Neumann, PMP®
Director at Large

PMI-MN Office
1611 County Rd B West, Ste 320
St. Paul, MN 55113
phone: (651) 917-6246
fax: (651) 917-1835

PMI Headquarters
Four Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299
phone: (610) 356-4600
fax: (610) 356-4647
The deadline for submission to PMI-MN News is the first week of the month. Late submissions will not be included in the newsletter. Email articles to Contact us with any questions or comments you have.
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