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Healthcare PrC: WATERFAGILE - Benefits of Embedding Agile in Waterfall Methodology
May 21, 2018 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
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DoubleTree by Hilton Minneapolis - Park Place
1500 Park Pl Blvd
Minneapolis , MN 55416
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Technical Project Management
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Program Description: 

There are very few places that use pure Agile or pure Waterfall anymore. Hybridization is how things really work. There is a need for a more hybrid environment with more flexibility, within the “guard rails” of a project environment. The main aim of the hybrid methodology is to enable teams to define requirements and adapt to changing requirements through continuous feedback and delivery. The hybrid method retains the clarity and tracking system of waterfall method, while embracing the adaptability and flexibility of agile. 

A single methodology cannot be the only hammer to nail all the solutions!!!

Speaker(s) Bios: 

​Manish is a Performance oriented IT professional with exceptional skills in formulating technology and process initiatives, leading all aspects of a project implementation using PMI guidelines, to deliver best outcomes. 18 years of solid track record of delivering service, to exceed business and quality expectations, leading the teams by using accountability, self-motivation and customer experience as guiding principles. 

Manish is currently working as a Sr Project Manager at HealthPartners. He is also a member of the PMI-MN Board of Directors and One Heartland Board of Directors.

Manish can be reached at