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Outreach Central MN January 2020
January 28, 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
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St. Scholastica
137 23rd St. S Heritage Room
Sartell , MN 56377
PMI Talent Triangle: 
Technical Project Management
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Program Description: 

Accelerating Results with Change Management

Change and transformation are permanent features of our landscape. It often seems that the only constant is change – and the pace of that change is accelerating. This permanent “white water” of change requires employees to frequently operate outside their comfort zone and push the boundaries of their ability to adapt. 

Not surprisingly, studies indicate that up to 75% of change initiatives fail. When you consider the high costs when these efforts go wrong — not only financially but in confusion, lost opportunity, wasted resources, and diminished morale —individuals ultimately need to do their jobs differently. Change management provides a framework that mitigates risk and results in faster speed of adoption, higher utilization, and greater efficiency. 
This session will demonstrate how to accelerate results by deploying change management processes, discuss tools and techniques for more effective change management as well as critical success factors and practical tips for improved performance.

• Articulate the business case for change management.
• Identify five-step model for change.
• Reveal key critical success factors to help prioritize change efforts. 
• Examine tools and techniques to be successful with change management. 
• Explore how to implement change management to mitigate risk, accelerate speed of adoption, foster higher utilization, improve efficiency, build change competency, and accelerate result

Speaker(s) Bios: 

Karen Maskell has specializing in change for more than 20 years. Hooked on the promise to “Be All You Can Be” when she joined the Army, this motto has defined her life's work. She is an idealistic visionary who is passionate about helping people and organizations achieve and sustain higher levels of performance and fulfillment. As an independent consultant, Karen collaborates with executives to identify opportunities, drive change and deliver results, Prior to going out on her own, she worked as an internal consultant with a variety of world‐class organizations including US Army, US Navy, EDS (now HP), MoneyGram, Macromedia, and Medtronic. 

Karen is a member of Association of Change Management Professionals as well as a Senior Member of ASQ (American Society for Quality.) She majored in Marketing at the University of Texas at Arlington and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.