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Minnesota Scholarship

Minnesota Creates New Scholarship

As stated at last year’s Business Meeting, our Chapter was fortunate enough to have funds in excess of reserves. One of our strategic goals for the past few years has been to create more scholarship opportunities for our members and their kids. Your Chapter has been working with, and donating to the Project Management Institute’s Education Foundation (PMI-EF) for many years to build programs and scholarships for youth. PMI-EF is a charitable nonprofit organization that develops and delivers innovative programs and educational resources including scholarships, grants and awards that strengthen both teaching and learning. Your Minnesota Chapter was among the first Chapters to fund a scholarship through PMI-EF – the Robert Yourzak Scholarship, a $2000 scholarship awarded to a different student each year.

In 2017, the Board voted to create and establish a new scholarship, the PMI Minnesota Chapter Scholarship. Like the Robert Yourzak Scholarship, the PMI Minnesota Chapter Scholarship is a perpetual academic scholarship (based on endowment) awarded annually. The new scholarship is valued at up to $2,500 each year. It is open to all students pursuing graduate or undergraduate degrees in Project Management or related fields of study from accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities within our region (Minnesota and North Dakota). This scholarship is awarded once each year. Details on both Scholarships are available on the PMI-EF Academic Scholarship website at Minnesota Chapter section.

Your Chapter is dedicated to providing educational opportunities in our field for you and your entire family. Our programs and events are designed to serve and support your career. Our profession covers many facets, so we offer a broad range of programs to meet your current and future needs (e.g. Career / Job Fairs, Communities of Practice / Industry meetings, Outreach programs near where you work and live). Over the course of the last few years we have greatly increased our programs for the younger member of your family. Our “Skills for Life” program is beginning to garner global attention. It provides PMI-EF testing and awards to kids in middle school and above. Our student programs, held in conjunction with Partner colleges and universities, provide out-of-the-classroom education and networking opportunities for young adults. Our volunteer programs provide an opportunity to give back and pay forward to our community. Thank you so much for your support and membership! Without you and your assistance, none of this would be possible.


In order to be considered eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be local and applying to an undergraduate or graduate program related to a project management degree or a related field benefiting from project management with in Minnesota or North Dakota. The specific criteria is posted on the application site.

HOW TO APPLY:  Apply Online

Applications are due by May 1st.

Please forward all questions regarding the scholarship and the application process to the PMI Educational Foundation at