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PMI MN Presents Veterans Appreciation Month!!



"All Staff Non Commissioned Officers and all Military Officers are Project Managers."

We have often heard this statement and feel it is definitely true. If we think about a mission, just about everything we are doing or did during our service can be considered a project. The military uses the same basic processes that mirror those described by the Project Management institute (PMI). That is, they plan, execute, and manage operations.  One advantage of working with PMI MN to get your PMP is that we have veterans who understand military terminology. They can translate that into PMP terminology to ensure you are getting the full credit for your military projects. 

Please reach out to to find out how PMI MN can help you achieve not only your goals in obtaining your certification but also in transitioning from the military to the civilian work force.

  • 10% off PMI MN’s PMP Certification Prep Course
  • 1 year of membership to PMI MN at no cost to new members
  • 1:1 review of past work experience to help determine readiness for PMP Certification
  • Assistance with filling out the PMP application
  • Resume review
  • Mock job interview with feedback and coaching to follow