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Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship

Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Project Management Scholarship
Ana Alvarez-Holmberg

In memory of Ana Alvarez-Holmberg, a local leader in project management and corporate training, PMI Minnesota offers the Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarships.

About Ana Alvarez-Holmberg
Ana, as a project management and training champion and innovator, distinguished herself through her service to PMI-MN. Her untimely passing in September, 2005 at age 46 was the catalyst for members of PMI-MN to create a scholarship in her honor.



  • Candidates must be adult learners aged 18-or-older with at least two years of work experience.
  • They must have been accepted and/or are currently enrolled in an accredited degree or certificate program in the following fields or closely-related fields: project management; human resources development; organizational development; adult education; or special education.
  • They must also either be a member in good standing of PMI or be sponsored by a member in good standing of the organization. If the candidate is not a member of PMI-MN, they must be a resident of Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin.

​"Ana’s family in Peru and I appreciate the efforts of PMI to honor her with a scholarship. She was highly-dedicated to her professional life and continued learning, and this is a wonderful way to remember her"  - Loras Holmberg, Ana’s husband.


Defined as persons who most closely exhibit Ana’s professional and personal attributes as described below.

1. Demonstrated commitment to community service:

  • Community involvement/nonprofit activities
  • Caring for people as demonstrated in community service
  • Raising public awareness of a cause, preferably for people with disabilities 

2. Demonstrated commitment to personal advancement and continuous learning:

  • Proven commitment for continued education and self-development
  • Faces career or life-altering experiences with resilience
  • Demonstrates respect and acceptance of others
  • Honors diversity and values heritage and individual uniqueness of others
  • Teaches, trains, coaches and mentors others

3. Exhibits high personal standards and passion for life:

  • Offers sincere and genuine interaction with others
  • Driven by integrity and high standards
  • Elicits courage and persistence to achieve results
  • Willing to explore possibilities and challenges the status quo (change agent)
  • Demonstrates excitement and energy for goals and objectives
  • Exhibits passion and curiosity for life


The Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship is presented each year to an adult student who exhibits Ana’s fine characteristics in his/her own life. This $2,000 scholarship will be awarded in September.

Download and follow the instructions contained in the Application and References Form.

Deadline: Applications are due by June 30th 


Applications are evaluated by a committee of PMI-MN volunteers. Program administration is managed by the PMIEF liaison and surviving spouse, Loras Holmberg. 

More information: For more information, contact PMI Minnesota Administrator.


The Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship has continued to honor individuals for over 10 years. Read more about the backgrounds of former scholarship recipients and how the award went above and beyond its immediate financial assistance.

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No applications received

The Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship Program is offered by the PMI Minnesota.