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Seminar - "Personal Impact - The Art & Science of Executive Presence"


If have ever had to be bold or engaging, but hesitated and drew back because you were legitimately out of your comfort zone, this seminar is for you.





Mark you calendar on June 19th from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm located at the Minnesota State University Mankato at Edina for a hands-on seminar that will give you the strategies and tools to: 

--Be the version of yourself when presenting to executives and stakeholders.
--Command attention whenever you walk into a room.
--Easily navigate those frustrating moments where you would normally freeze up.
--Build rapport to develop trust.
--Use powerful body language to easily communicate, and influence.
--Demonstrate authenticity, warmth, and confidence.
--Tame nervousness and anxiety.
--Feel confident and comfortable without feeling the need to pull out your phone and check your emails every few minutes when in a group setting.

Polly offers a simple, yet powerful mix of lively conversation, physical activity and applicable science. When used together, you'll be able to leverage your body language, mindset, and to make powerful impressions and engage others with confidence.