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2013 PMI-MN Volunteers of the Month

PMI-MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI-MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI-MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI-MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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2013 Dec Volunteer of Month - Marti Rollins

Marti Rollins, PMI-MN Webmaster, manages the focal point of PMI-MN’s communications to its members through the website and eblasts.  

Her dedication and commitment to maintaining the current PMI-MN website, editing the Chapter newsletter, and getting e- blasts delivered to the project professionals in our area is admirable and worthy of recognition. She is very responsive and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that we have timely and relevant information to disseminate to our members.  

Additionally, Marti has put a lot of energy and effort into developing, evaluating, and coordinating the features and content for the new website planned for launch in early 2014.

PMI-MN thanks Marti for her time, talent, commitment and passion to our Chapter.

Congratulations, Marti!!!

2013 Nov Volunteer of Month -  Ken SchacherKen Schacher, Facility Manager for PMI-MN Chapter's Professional Development Education Team, is responsible for coordinating venues for full day seminars offered every other month to PMI-MN Chapter members. 

For the past four years, Ken has worked tirelessly with each speaker and venue to ensure every detail for our seminars is in place. He consistently goes above and beyond in personally ensuring marketing flyers for our seminars are ready and distributed at each breakfast and dinner meeting. 

Ken is a dedicated volunteer who demonstrates pride and accountability in all he does. He has a high regard for deadlines, accuracy, and efficiency...all while showing genuine appreciation and respect to his fellow volunteers. 

As a further testament to his focus on value, this past year Ken played a critical role in transitioning our seminars to PMI-MN partner venues, such as DeVry University and Fissure. He expended extra effort to establish new relationships and processes - with hugely successful results. This transition will allow the chapter to re-invest significantly more revenue into member services and enhances relationships between our partners, our members, and the PMI-MN Chapter. Kudos Ken!

A sincere "thank you" to you Ken...for your admirable dedication to our PMI-MN Chapter and its members! We're proud to have you on our team. 

2013 Volunteer of Month Recipient - Teresa TweetonTeresa Tweeton, Director of Finance, has been an active Board member and volunteer for more than a few years. She has contributed to the Chapter newsletter, and is a frequent attendee of the Chapter’s dinner meetings. She has provided both strategic and tactical assistance within the Chapter, and done so in areas other than Finance (her bailiwick). 

Recently you may have seen her at the PMI-MN booth at PDD helping members and guests learn more about our Chapter. If you attended the PMIEF Bowlathon Fundraiser in October, she was there supporting the cause.
Teresa has always been willing to help out as needed, and is a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Teresa!!!

2013 Volunteer of Month Recipient -Eric SitEric Sit started out working with Program's LIGs Team on the Healthcare LIG in 2012. With his help, the LIGs Team revitalized the Healthcare LIG and also started a new LIG in 2013 – appropriately named “Leadership LIG”. 

Eric has been a creative and enthusiastic participant volunteer. He contributes by offering ideas on how to make these LIGs work, and has followed through on the varied responsibilities to arrange for speakers and topics to keep these two LIGs going forward.

Congratulations, Eric, on your efforts -- and on your results!!! 

2013 Volunteer of Month Recipient - Kay Quinn

Kay Quinn, Director of Professional Development, joined the PMI-MN Board of Directors in January, 2013. She has done a stellar job reshaping the professional development portfolio and has realized a number of noteworthy accomplishments. Among them are:

  •  Leading the upgrade of the PMBOK5.0 for PMP® Exam Preparation classes
  •  Breaking record in number of PMI-MN webinars offered in one year (9 to date in 2013), quality, and attendance
  •  Selling out high demand seminars

    As an active Board member, she has led strategic conversations and brings forward topics of consequence for deliberation. These accomplishments were made possible through her proactive recruitment of talented volunteers.

2013 Volunteer of Month Recipient -Gottfried Caspari

Gottfried Caspari, Co-chair Community Outreach, has been key in executing a major Chapter initiative in 2013. One vision of PMI-MN president Garfield Bowen for PMI MN has been to introduce project management as a life skill to middle schools.

The first pilot for 2013 was with Beacon Prep in Bloomington. When Gottfried learned of it from the draft charter put together last Fall, he immediately jumped in – hands and feet. He not only suggested the school his twins attend for the pilot, but volunteered to lead the effort.

As project manager, Gottfried arranged for an exploratory meeting with the school's Executive Director and Garfield. With the project and the children engaged, Gottfried was off and running. He leveraged information from PMIEF to work with students two evenings a week over several weeks during spring to create a promotional video for Beacon Prep. 

The middle schoolers were introduced to project management concepts and had fun delivering their video by the end of the school year. You can view this exceptional video here (5:30) 

The video premiered for the first time at the school’s closing assembly. Gottfried arranged for all the children to get a PMI-MN certificate and gifts cards for the parent and teacher volunteers.

Job well done on a vision realized, thanks to Gottfried!! And the vision continues and will hopefully create more traction across the metro area and state!

2013 Volunteer of Month Recipient - Tatiana Sengupta

Tatiana Sengupta, is simply a fantastic person to work with. As Co-Chair of Volunteer Services, she led a dynamic of volunteers to plan and execute a successful, rewarding, and fun afternoon boat cruise for over 100 PMI-MN volunteers and their families. The experience was a thank you for the time and effort volunteers contribute to the Chapter. (Last year that included over 10,000 hours of volunteer time.)

Tatiana caught the vision that was shared, shaped it, consulted broadly with her team and the Chapter President, and delivered on time, within scope, and under budget!

Her commitment to results coupled with a winning personality makes her a valuable asset to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute and no doubt any team of which she is a member. Congratulations!