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OCTOBER 2017 NEWSLETTER | Volume 19, Issue 10

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Message from the President

Dear Members,

Its the time of fabulous colors and frosty nights. We celebrate the end of summer and the bleakness of winter with a tribute to scary things. Of course, as adults and project professionals we have nothing to fear - stake holders, zombie team members, haunted projects are all myths. Our continuous training and comradery provide the necessary background to ensure success against adversarial conditions. We stand ready to provide a helping hand to those less prepared.

As you know, we just completed another fabulous annual Professional Development Days. Thanks to all our volunteers, vendors, sponsors and partners it was a resounding success! We had 1300 registrants across the 4 days. Nearly 50 vendors participated. Our last PMP / CAPM class of the year, held during PDD, had nearly 25 participants. Congratulations to everyone involved!

While the mainstay of Professional Development Days and its closing Symposium Day is the networking, training and creative discourse, we did add a couple of new technological items: We implemented a new Mobile Application and a QRC badge scanning application. The Mobile App was used by 68% of our attendees. Our PDU scanning system was operational throughout PDD. It was our first year offering those new features and we hope you got a kick out of them. Like all technology, it will be refined and improved and both will be used at more and more events going forward.

And there is still more to come. While we are getting close to wrapping up the year, there are many more events this month and next. We have new members of the Board and Volunteers that have begun training for transition to the next year. We will be sending a team to the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting and conference in Chicago this month. We have been stepping up our active programs for kids through our PMI Education Foundation classes for boys and girls. Our Student Conferences, Outreach events and classroom speaking events have been a big hit with college and university students. In Chicago we will be talking with the leaders of other Chapters from North America and around the world, looking for ideas on how we can serve you better!

We are always looking for ways to keep our members to be involved, to learn, to attend networking events, to feel that they are part of something truly global and worthwhile. We constantly evaluate your needs as an individual and project management professional; the programs we want to continue or launch, and the support required. As a member you already play an important role, in your quest for continuing education and social interaction you are participating and influencing. If you have gone further and become a volunteer, you have taken steps to ensure positive change and achieve personal growth. While we begin this quarter celebration of the end of 2017 and all we have achieved, it is exciting to begin preparing for 2018 and beyond!

Chapter News

Membership Elects New Officers
Update from PMI-MN Nominating Committee
Once again, we had a great slate of candidates participate in this years election for the Year 2018 PMI-MN Board of Directors. We were very fortunate to have some very qualified candidates step up and run for positions that require leadership experience and a strong commitment to the long-term welfare of our Chapter. Below are the results of this years election:

President Elect - Janice Pyka
Finance Director - Joe Perzel
Directors at Large - Manish Kalra and Sara (Lien) Swanson
Our thanks to all who participated in running for election and we look forward to another record-breaking year for one of the fastest growing chapters in PMI.
2017 PMI-MN Nominating Committee

Mohamed Diab, PMI President Elect & COO
Betty Ingram, PMP
Michelle Moodie, PMP
Susan Heidorn, PMP

Why having a Linked In profile isn't enough

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform founded by Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Allen Blue and Eric Ly in 2002. It is a good tool for building and maintaining strong professional relationships. It currently has 500 million users with 133 million users in the United States and records a 40% daily login. According to Sandy Zeiszler, LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant, having a LinkedIn account is not enough. She recommends 5 steps to make LinkedIn work for you:

1.Show your best self: To achieve this on LinkedIn, getting a professional head shot is the first step as research has shown that profiles with a Professional Photo are 21 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn. Keep your conversation on LinkedIn professional always.

2.Highlight your strengths: Use keywords to highlight your strengths and your value proposition in the headline. Ensure that they are specific. A good way to show this as a project manager is to state what industry you are more experienced with e.g., IT Project Manager, Construction Project Manager etc.

3.Express yourself:Participate in conversations, like, comment, and share articles that align with your career interests. You can seek and find volunteer opportunities by using LinkedIn Profinder.

4.Personalize Messages: Do not just click the "connect" hyperlink when you intend to connect with someone; send a personalized message and introduce yourself.

5.Connect and Build Relationships: Search, connect with people you have a relationship with and nurture the relationship. One way to do that is by setting up a "virtual coffee" meeting over the phone.

Cultivate a weekly habit of connecting with 3 people, comment on 3 posts and share status updates 3 times a week. In the end, it will add up by increasing your visibility and make the relationship building website work for you.

Sandy Zeiszler made this presentation at the Career Networking Group seminar of PMI-MN on September 18, 2017. She is a LinkedIn trainer, speaker and consultant who works with professionals to build online presence and grow their businesses.

Volunteer of the Month

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Rich Walker as our September 2017 Volunteer of the Month. Rich has been volunteering with the Chapter for several years in various capacities. Currently he is a PMP Instructor in the Professional Development team and has done some amazing work as part of this team. He has also held a Board position and a Co-Chair position in the past. PMI-MN would like to thank Rich for his time and dedication. Congratulations Rich!!!

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Member News

New Members for the Month of August

  • Abdihakim Ahmed
  • Estevio Barros
  • Britt Bender
  • ML Benson
  • Paula Bergerson
  • Milind Bhat
  • AlexanderBlissenbach
  • James Bobier
  • Brooks
  • Matthew Brown
  • Rebekah Brownson
  • Emily Burton
  • Matt Carr
  • Deborah Cheney
  • Christopher Chesla
  • Geri Colosey
  • John Couchman
  • Bailey Cross
  • Shirvalen Crowley
  • Hemilse Debrouvier
  • Monica DeCook
  • Lonna DenDooen
  • Sean Dullea
  • Jeff Duppong
  • Linda Dyas
  • Mikhail Erickson
  • Neal Feldhahn
  • Bradley Fenimore
  • Robert Fisher
  • Natalie Fossen
  • Matt Frank
  • Luke George
  • Chad Guastella
  • Hagre
  • Cathy Harlander
  • Brian Harrison
  • Jennifer Herron
  • Elizabeth Heyer
  • Kent Hoeglund
  • Chad Holtmeyer
  • Savannah Hovis
  • Kong Hwong
  • Jacque Ince
  • Jennelle Jacobson
  • Gallus
  • Jeremy Janssen
  • Jen Jensen
  • Kevin Charles Johnson
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Emelyne King
  • Jennifer Kirk
  • Adam Kobler
  • Terri Kroll
  • David Kuhn
  • Julie LaFleur
  • Paul Langie
  • Holly Larochelle
  • Wendy Larson
  • Sarah Lavins
  • Sherry Lee
  • Teresa Lombard
  • Todd Madole
  • Eric Markgraf
  • Jennifer McCall
  • Andrew McElrath
  • Pam McGee
  • Andrew McVay
  • Melissa Monson
  • Patricia Montgomery
  • Nina Munson
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Lynn Nemeth
  • Joel Norenberg
  • Chelsea OConnor
  • Lori Oistad
  • Josh Olson
  • Mary Kim OMalley
  • Jennifer Oppold
  • Dimitri Orts
  • David Ott
  • Shanta Owens
  • Richard Paulson
  • Joanne Perez
  • Donna Prahl
  • Amanda Quiner
  • Chelon Rasmussen
  • David Ridenour
  • Anthony Roeder
  • Jody Ruth
  • Saad Salam
  • Namita Sarma
  • Philip Schimke
  • Mark Scott
  • Katherine Selkowe
  • Pankti Shah
  • Kendra Shaw
  • Ashish Shrivastava
  • Yifan Small
  • Aihua Song
  • Cheryl Sousa
  • Tracy Stearman
  • Wayne Steege
  • Kate Tennessen
  • Tristan Tieso
  • Brent Uzelac
  • Brian Vail
  • Karen Valerio
  • Dean Volk
  • Kristine Wagner
  • Tim Wech
  • Glen Willis
  • Jared Wills
  • Christine Winterkamp
  • Jennie Worrell
  • Joseph Wright
  • Lisa Zorad

New Certifications for the Month of August

  • NeilBrogger
  • TaylorBroten
  • Benjamin Carlson
  • Ronald Denn
  • Carrie Kehn
  • Brent King
  • Susan Klug
  • Sean Larson
  • Andrew McElrath
  • Natalie OBrien
  • Deborah Schnur
  • Gundars Stumbris
  • Kate Tennessen
  • Tom Welle
  • Scott Wickman
  • Brooks
  • Anne Gustafson
  • Emily Lehman

Save the Date - Register and Save

The chapter schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.

Check our PMI-MN Events Calendar on the Events tab at pmi-mn.org for ongoing details and registration for upcoming events.

October Events:
November Events:
  • November 14- Chapter Breakfast"The Innovative Mind"presented by Jane Schuette| 7:00-8:50am, Plymouth, MN (1.0 PDU)
  • November 28-SeminarIntro to Kanbanpresented by Rand Eaton | 8:00-4:30pm | Minneapolis, MN (8.0 PDU)