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Chapter Breakfast: Three Voices on Leadership
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Chapter Breakfast
June 12, 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Henry Lewis
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Here is a simple litmus test. Have you created an atmosphere that draws others to want to join the magic of your team, or do they want to escape from it? True leaders nurture an atmosphere in which teams thrive and grow and do great things. How’s it going?

Are you leading projects and teams of people, and you are struggling with scope and schedules and costs? Has your team lost the fire? And has the project objective become lost in the haze of today’s pressures? Is your team struggling to meet unrealistic demands? Then it may be time to consider how we are leading our people. 

Some project managers and leaders just seem to get it done, while others struggle to reach the end point. What is the secret? What do successful leaders know and how do they lead such awesome teams? What something makes the difference? 

Henry Lewis explores the contributions of three voices on leadership to identify the secret of true leadership. This applies to us as project managers, but more critically, it applies to us as leaders. 

Henry looks at the work of Jon R Katzenbach and Douglas K Smith, pioneers in understanding team dynamics. He digs in a take a close look at the secret behind extraordinary teams. In fact, what is an extraordinary team? We find out.

Next, he explores to contributions of Max Depree, former CEO of Herman Miller, author of Leadership is an Art, Leadership Jazz, and others, to further lay a foundation for the qualities of true leadership. What essential traits and behaviors does a real leader possess? Can we develop these and create an amazing environment? 

Lastly, he looks at a current dynamic voice in leadership Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, Leaders Eat Last, and leader driving a movement to inspire others. What does Sinek have to say? Does he help us as we lead our projects and face our daily challenges? And here, we uncover still more profound insights.

Along the way, Henry finds common thread in these voices of leadership as he weaves a message for each of us today as we understand these secrets to successful leadership. Do you want to lead well? This message is for you.

These are things we can take away and apply this very day. 

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Henry Lewis traveled the world for ten years with IBM conducting classes and workshops to project managers and leaders. In his years as principal of a software development consulting firm and an executive project manager with IBM, he led numerous successful engagements across many industries. His expertise in handling troubled projects helped otherwise failing projects, pull back from the brink, and finish with extraordinary results. Henry will tell you the teams were amazing.

His book “Getting Amazing Things Done – in your crazy jammed life” – What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things - is soon to be released on Amazon and their expanded worldwide network.


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