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Central Outreach - Leadership In The Trenches
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November 14, 2017 (All day)
Christine Pierce
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"Leadership In The Trenches" Every project needs an effective team. A well developed team ensures tasks are properly assigned and prioritized throughout the project. Ensure each and every team member knows what is expected of them and their teammates. Communicate clearly and regularly, with focus, control and direction. Ask the right questions to establish a clear, documented set of goals from the beginning. Manage the project by doing things right; Lead your team by doing the right things. How? There is a process, there are skills, and there are tricks to building winning teams. Win on performance, on quality, on any metric -- and have fun doing it!

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Christine Pierce has over 20 years’ experience leading aliens (of the foreign national variety) and other super-heroes (of the bonus winning variety) across an ever changing landscape of projects, products and customers. As a front-line manager, she has helped build call centers for customers such as Apple, Honeywell and Verizon. She has written and published the non-fiction book, “Manager's Tool Chest”. She is also the author of the cozy murder mystery fiction series, "Customer Service Can Be Murder".