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Career Networking Group: LinkedIn for Project Management Professionals: Attracting Your Ideal Employees, Suppliers and Vendors
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Careers PMI-MN
Monday, May 15, 2017 (All day)
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LinkedIn is not just for job seekers anymore. We can’t pretend that it doesn’t matter what our profile looks like or how we use the LinkedIn platform. People are looking to LinkedIn to decide who they want to do business with and who they want to work for. What will they find when they look at your profile?

In our session Speaker, Author and Executive Branding Coach Carol Kaemmerer will share strategies from her new book LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive on how you can more powerfully leverage LinkedIn to articulate your brand with authenticity, to grow and cultivate your business relationships.

Participants will:
• Understand the importance of this essential business tool
• Understand the key drivers of the LinkedIn search algorithm and what that means for them
• Learn specific strategies for improving their profile 

Carol’s book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, will be available for sale at the program. 

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5:00-6:00 p.m.

Speaker(s) Bios: 

Carol Kaemmerer is a Speaker, Author and Executive Branding Coach who works with senior executives and their companies. 

For much of her career, Carol’s clear writing and ability to make complex information understandable focused on health policy and high-tech medical device therapies. But in 2011, her stable business client of 20 years changed their strategy for sourcing for outside writing talent, making Carol (and all other local communications professionals) ineligible for projects. 

As she searched for ways to use her communications talents in another venue, Carol learned that ranking highly on LinkedIn (LI) was not a matter of luck. As she learned about the levers that control the LI search algorithm and the strategies that result in being found, she began to sharing her insights with out-of-work friends to help them develop powerful profiles. When they began referring their friends, Carol knew that executive LinkedIn coaching would be her next business niche. 

Having worked with countless executives since, Carol has written LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive to extend her wisdom to a larger audience. Carol is also available to speak and consult with companies and to present at conferences.

Carol’s book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, will be available for sale at the program.