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2021 PMI Minnesota Volunteers of the Month

PMI MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Sarah Liscano as our September 2021 Volunteer of the Month. 

Sarah has embraced volunteering with a passion that is exemplary and makes working with her a pleasure for any PMI member. She is a very determined person who believes in getting things done and has taken on a very challenging project, the PMI-MN website review - And she is not taking no for an answer. In the short time, she has been leading this project that she has not only taken ownership of the project but is actively managing the analysis, documentation and changes associated with each issue. In addition, Sarah has taken it upon herself to dig into learning the website publishing software, so she is able to make changes herself and not require costly consulting hours. Sarah’s important contribution is greatly appreciated by PMI-MN chapter.

Thank you, Sarah, for all that you do for PMI MN and for sharing your skills with our Chapter.

Congratulations, Sarah!!!

The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Mike Mohn as our August 2021 Volunteer of the Month. 

Mike Mohn is the Program Manager of the Membership Committee and has been a very valuable committee member since day one. In his short tenure, he has exemplified the best qualities in a volunteer and then some. For example, he single-handedly transformed the New Member Orientation presentation into a polished and professional narrative, which he not only created, but he facilitates, providing every little detail of the benefits of being a member. He has also recruited several of our current volunteers. Because of his many talents, he is the 'utility player' of the Membership committee, delving into anything and everything to attract and retain members. He creates high quality output (e.g. the PMI Global membership solicitation email that paints of vivid picture of the benefits of being a PMI MN member). Going a step further, he is passionate about PMI MN members and it shows when he suggests very practical and doable activities to improve membership services and increase membership. For example, he spent numerous hours talking to multiple Global PMI members to get their feelings about PMI MN and he wrote a concise 6-page summary with very practical and realistic improvements, one of which was to 'clean up' the membership fee structure website page, which he helped to accomplish. Mike is the go-to person you want to represent PMI MN to our members because he is an 'influencer'. He eloquently puts into words the benefits of being a member in such a way that attracts members.

Thank you, Mike, for all that you do for PMI MN and for sharing your skills with our Chapter.

Congratulations, Mike!!!

The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Steve Rahkola as our May 2021 Volunteer of the Month. 

Steve joined the PMI MN Chapter team in the MarComm committee at the end of 2020 (Dec) as a graphic designer. We are excited to have Steve join our PMI MN team and the MarComm committee is excited to have him be a part of the team. We are hoping Steve is able to share his graphic design skills more and more as the opportunities arise, especially as things start to open up again from the Pandemic.

Steve recently executed a request from the PMI MN Professional Development Committee to create a 2021 logo. When the request came through, he didn't hesitate to take it on. The PDD logo was shared with the Board in our April Board meeting, and the logo is absolutely fabulous! This logo will be shared across all PMI MN Marketing materials, that will reach all our Members, and Non-Members, who we hope will join our PMI MN 2021 PDD. It is great way to showcase his awesome graphic design skills!

Thank you, Steve, for all that you do for PMI MN and for sharing your skills with our Chapter.

Congratulations, Steve!!!

The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Ryan Vanyo as our April 2021 Volunteer of the Month. 

In a period of 3-months, Ryan single-handedly created the PMI MN Mentorship program website page and generously accepted to manage the entire PMI MN Mentorship program. Ryan has been very generous with his time and talents. This is not an easy transfer of ownership situation because the program has been inactive for some time. Ryan soft launched the program on March 15, 2021 at the New Member Orientation session and will be connecting with mentors/mentees and overseeing the entire process. Due to his previous experience at the PMI Iowa Chapter, he brings a great amount of knowledge that has been very valuable. Thank you, Ryan, for stepping up to the challenge to kick off our mentorship offerings!

PMI-MN would like to thank for your commitment to excellence and all you do for the chapter.

Congratulations, Ryan!!!

The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Ingerid Mohn as our February 2021 Volunteer of the Month. 

Ingerid has been working tirelessly to get our new certification classes kicked off this year! Despite many hiccups, changes and challenges, she was instrumental in bringing the team together in order to evaluate and drive our first offerings to be available to our members, as we now have our first DASM (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master) and new ATP (Authorized Training Partner) endorsed PMP Prep classes scheduled (for 3/25-3/26 and 4/19-4/23). We endured the loss of multiple people at the end of last year, a re-evaluation of the ATP process and how it fits with our chapter, evaluating different instructors, negotiating and signing a contract, and working to get our offerings advertised appropriately. Additionally, she helped with evaluating our survey results from December and how those impacted the decisions we made. Ingerid originally signed-up as an Interim ATP Program Manager and as things got busy, was willing to transition to our full-time ATP Program Manager. Thank you Ingerid for stepping up to the challenge to make our education offerings a success!

PMI-MN would like to thank for your commitment to excellence and all you do for the chapter.

Congratulations, Ingerid!!!