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2024 PMI Minnesota Volunteers of the Month

PMI MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Ruth Birkholz as our February 2024 Volunteer of the Month. 

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ruth Birkholz for this well-deserved recognition as volunteer of the month. Ruth has been volunteering with the chapter for several years and has served as the President for PMI MN chapter.

Ruth graciously took on the role of leading the Nominations Committee to facilitate the election of 2024 board members. Last year was usual and challenging as Ruth had to navigate and lead her team through the sudden and unexpected transitions on the board. They faced challenges with creativity and resilience. Despite the unforeseen turn of events Ruth rose to the occasion demonstrating exceptional leadership skills focusing on the task at hand, overcoming obstacles and ensuring the successful election of 2024 PMI MN board leaders. 

Ruth’s commitment to PMI MN chapter mission and the ability to effectively coordinate and lead teams have significantly contributed to the success of our chapter. Ruth is a natural leader, providing guidance and mentorship to fellow volunteers including myself. Her willingness to share knowledge, lead, and support the growth of others reflects a true commitment to the success of PMI MN chapter. Ruth’s commitment, tireless efforts and dedication truly makes her a standout candidate for volunteer of the month.

It is my pleasure to recommend Ruth Birkholz for this well-deserved honor, and I am confident that her contributions will continue to inspire others and benefit PMI MN chapter.

- Cindy Ward, Vice Chair for Volunteer Services                                                           

Thank you, Ruth , for all that you have done for PMI MN !!!



The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Maggie Pittelko as our January 2024 Volunteer of the Month. 

The PMI MN Chapter is honored to present Maggie Pittelko as our January 2024 Volunteer of the Month. 

We are nominating Maggie for her exceptional leadership and can-do attitude. Maggie, since her role as the Chair of Volunteer Services, has stepped up with putting together an onboarding document and ensuring that processes are supported to ensure smooth transition for volunteers.
Maggie is very committed to PMI Minnesota and takes the initiative to ensure that each committee is fully staffed with volunteers. She started the VRMS cleaning project, to ensure that we have active and only open positions posted on our site. Maggie is always willing to make the process seamless for all volunteers and future candidates. Volunteer Services is very pleased to have a strong leader as Maggie stepping in the Chair role to continue to keep the chapter in the forefront of its goal and vision.                                                                                                      

Thank you, Maggie , for all that you have done for PMI MN !!!