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2019 PMI Minnesota Volunteers of the Month

PMI-MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI-MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI-MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI-MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Joshua Behl as our December 2018 Volunteer of the Month. 

Josh applied for the CRM Admin position out of a simple desire to give back and help advance the work of the Project Management Institute. His contributions to the 2018 portfolio of strategic CRM projects was invaluable and enabled the chapter's operational efficiency Digital Transformation goals to exceed initial project plans. In addition to creating a Customer Service Portal for the PMI-MN Chapter volunteers and members, the portal now provides key resources for prospective members, members, volunteers and Region 2 chapters to access resources that help advance the work of the PMI chapters.

Specifically, Josh contributed to the portfolio of "CRM Portal" projects by providing core advanced development work that was instrumental in preparing the foundation for each project phase. This started with advanced development and configuration of the Knowledge Base which allowed us to better organize the structure of our help resources. Josh then shifted to work to foundational pieces of our Online Region 2 Speaker Database by creating the access and user roles to allow Region 2 access to be built out. Josh enabled the IT Team to complete this project far under original budget and also made this project ready for other IT Volunteers to collaborate in completing the work for each project phase.

In addition to these vital contributions Josh is an amazing teacher! He extended his work as a professor to the PMI-MN IT team. We were able to document his advanced knowledge to ensure current and future team members will have a comprehensive record of this Super Admin level development and configuration work.

Your contributions to the PMI-MN IT Team projects will continue to benefit our chapter as well as our Region 2 Chapter community for years to come!

PMI-MN would like to thank Josh for his time and dedication.

Congratulations, Josh!!!