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2019 PMI Minnesota Volunteers of the Month

PMI-MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI-MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI-MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI-MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Tracie Jacobson as our January 2019 Volunteer of the Month. 

Tracie’s tireless efforts were integral to the success of the 2018 PDD conference. Her duties included working with members of all chapter committees, interfacing with vendors, reviewing website and app content, assisting at team meetings and posting minutes over a period of 11 months. No task was too small or too large - from decorations and menu planning to speaker selection and contract review. Her incredible organizational and time management skills kept the PDD team focused and her sense of humor endeared her to everyone on the team.

PMI-MN would like to thank Josh for her time and dedication.

Congratulations, Tracie!!!


The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Amy Bangen as our February 2019 Volunteer of the Month. 

Amy Bangen serves on the Sponsorship Committee. In recent months, the sponsorship committee is experiencing a high level of turnover, leaving a big gap to fill during the transition to fill the committee with new members and new co-chairs. Amy has gone above and beyond the call of duty to step up and keep the team on course and the sponsors served. Amy took the initiative to create agendas for weekly conference calls to keep the team apprised and to train members on critical processes and resources for delivering and selling our services to sponsors and partners during this transition. She has invested an extraordinary amount of time in preparing data and reports that significantly benefit the team and our team’s ability to better serve our sponsors and partners. She is the “go-to" person that has been critically important to a better transition for the sponsors and the PMI sponsorship team members. She deserves a huge thank you!

PMI-MN would like to thank Amy for her time and dedication.
Congratulations, Amy!!!


The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Babalola (Bobby) Coker as our March 2019 Volunteer of the Month. 

Bobby has always been self-motivated from day one to leverage his skillset to benefit the greater Chapter through Information Technology (IT) and the crafting of the 3rd Guidebook.

Bobby always has a positive and cheerful attitude and is open to receiving suggestions and feedback from Chapter members, and leadership. Bobby is a team player. Bobby consistency goes above and beyond and is a regular attendee of our IT team meetings. We are grateful for Bobby, and his invaluable efforts to volunteerism to date for the Project Management Institute Minnesota Chapter, and the IT Team. We eagerly look forward to our IT prospects up ahead!

The 3rd Guidebook application would not be where it is today had Bobby not assumed the lead and enhanced the resource on behalf of the Chapter!


PMI-MN would like to thank Bobby for his time and dedication.

Congratulations, Bobby!!!