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  1. What is the total annual cost to be a PMI-MN member?

    Individual - The total cost for a PMI-MN individual membership is (1) $129 for an annual Global PMI membership, (2) a one-time $10 application fee, and (3) the $30 annual membership fee, i.e., $169 total membership fee for a brand new PMI-MN member or $159 total for each subsequent year’s renewal. Most PMI-MN members hold the individual membership.
    Student - Any student enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited or global equivalent, college or university can be a PMI-MN member at a special student rate. Student membership in PMI is only $32 annually; join as a PMI-MN Chapter member for $15 annually, i.e., $47 total membership fee for a new or renewing student member. Consider sharing this with a friend who is working on their education as a great option. A small, but important community of students holds the PMI-MN student membership.
    Retiree - Keep up on developments and share your expertise with upcoming professionals. Retiree membership is open to any PMI member in good standing for five consecutive years who has retired from active employment. Annual dues of $65 cover the cost of PMI membership, the PMI-MN membership is $30, i.e., $95 total membership fee for a new or renewing retiree member. You’ve worked hard and deserve it. Join as a retiree and contribute your wealth of knowledge today!

  2. How can I join PMI-MN?

    A.  As a PMI Global member, you can join anytime. Just follow these steps: 

    1. Go to the PMI Global Membership Tab and select the type of membership you would like
    2. Review details and click “Add to cart” 
    3. Go to the MN Chapter store page and click “Add to cart”
    4. Click “Check out” and proceed with process (you will be asked to login or create an account)

    Note: PMI-MN Chapter member dues are $30 annually. Your Chapter membership renews on the same date as your PMI Global membership regardless of when you started your chapter membership.

  3. How can I change my membership information or transfer to another chapter?

    A.  You can transfer your chapter membership to another PMI chapter through PMI Global. Go to your membership record on and make the transfer request. Or you can contact PMI Global directly.

  4. How do I contact PMI Global

    A.  Go to
    Project Management Institute - Headquarters
    14 Campus Boulevard 
    Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA 
    Tel: +1-610-356-4600 or toll-free 1-855-746-4849 
    Fax: + 1-610-356-4647

  5. Can you mail the paper PMI membership application form to me? I prefer to use the paper form to sign up for PMI and PMI-MN membership.

    A.  We recommend using the online application to join PMI and PMI-MN. If you still want a paper application, you can download it from following these steps:

    1. On the menu bar, click on the Membership option. 
    2. From the dropdown, select Types of Membership
    3. Click Download Application.
  6. Can you check your records to find out if I am a PMI-MN member? 

    A.  Send your name, PMI Member ID#, and approximate join date to with a request to verify membership.

  7. Is there a discount PMI-MN membership for students?

    A.  Yes, PMI-MN offers a discounted student membership of $15 per year. Students also receive a significantly discounted PMI Global membership at $32 a year, bringing a student’s total to $47 per year.

  8. Is there financial assistance for membership dues?

    A.  Yes - Individuals who have been members in good standing for at least three consecutive years can request a hardship provision if their financial circumstances have changed in such a way that it makes it difficult to renew their membership. The hardship provision, if granted, waives membership dues for PMI membership and membership in any two PMI chapters in which the individual was already a member in the previous year for one year. The hardship provision can only be granted a maximum of two years. To apply for a hardship provision, the member must send a copy of the membership renewal invoice and signed letter explaining the hardship to Membership Processing before the membership expiration date. Please send the request via mail (Project Management Institute, Attn: Membership Processing, 14 Campus Blvd, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299) or by fax at 1-610-819-0746. Per PMI Global, “any incorrect or untrue statements made by a member are in violation of the Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and may lead to the initiation of an ethic complaint in accordance with the PMI Ethics Case Procedures.” Please contact PMI Global directly with any questions you may have about the hardship provision.

  9. Are other discounts available to students for PMI-MN events?

    A.  With proper student identification, students can attend selected PMI-MN functions at a reduced rate. In addition, space permitting, students may attend a PMI-MN dinner meeting for free as a speaker-only attendee – i.e. no meal will be served to the student.

  10. Why is there a delay between the time I sign up at PMI Global and the time PMI MN recognizes me as a member?

    A.   Membership information is handled by PMI Global, not the local chapter. While members can join at any time during the month, information received by the Chapter may be delayed. Due to this delay, the chapter recognizes new and renewing members the month following their join or renew date


  1. If I register for all four days of PDD, how many PDU credits woold I earn? I plan to enroll for a one-day class, a two-day class, and the Symposium.

    A.  PDUs earned for each course or are indicated in the course description. Usually, PDD courses help participants earn seven to eight PDUs per day depending on the number of hours in the classroom and 6.5 PDUs for Symposium Day. PDUs are determined as one PDU per one hour of learning.

  2. Can I earn PDUs for attending breakfast meetings? Other events?

    A.  Yes, typically you can earn one PDU for attending a dinner meeting, breakfast meeting, outreach meeting, and/or LIG/PrC session. If a PDU is available, it will be indicated in the event description on the Events Calendar.

  3. Is attendance at PMI Chapter meetings recorded and automatically sent to PMI Global for PDU credit? I ask because I don't see some meetings that I have attended.

    A.   Yes, PMI-MN automatically logs PDU credit at PMI-MN monthly Chapter Dinner and Breakfast meetings. PMI-MN does not automatically log and report attendee and PDU credit for any other PMI-MN offerings such as Outreach meetings, educational seminars, webinars, PrCs, or PDD sessions.
    PMI-MN submits attendee and PDU information to PMI Global about 2 weeks after the Dinner or Breakfast meeting. However, PMI-MN cannot guarantee how long it will take for PMI Global to post the information online. If after two-three weeks you still do not see your credit, please contact

  4. Why aren't my PDUs for last month's breakfast meeting (which I attended) on my PMI Global transcript? I checked and they aren't there.

    A.  Several of PMI-MN's quality programs are offered at low or no cost for the benefit of its members and the project management profession. These include Outreach meetings, LIG/PrC sessions, webinars, and Career Networking sessions. We also offer a “Speaker-Only” option for Chapter Dinner meetings. See the Events Calendar for more information.