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Dinner & Breakfast Meetings

  1. Can I get a refund before an event? 

    A.  Refunds can be requested for certain chapter events. The terms of the PMI-MN refund policy are posted here and are shown on the registration page where you registered for the event.

  2. Can non-members attend PMI-MN meetings? How do I register or do I just attend? I am not a PMI member and would like to attend an upcoming dinner or breakfast meeting as a visitor.

    A.  We encourage and welcome guests (non-members) at our events and meetings. All you need to do is pre-register online as a “non-member” when registration is required (i.e. Dinners, Breakfasts, and courses). Registration may be preferred but not required for other no-cost events such as the Career Networking Group, LIG/PrCs, PMP Application Writing sessions, and Outreach meetings. Please see the event details for the event you are considering on the Events Calendar.

  3. How do I find out about upcoming events? I would like to attend an upcoming dinner or breakfast meeting but did not see complete details about it (like location, topic, or time) on the PMI-MN website.

    A.  If meeting details are not on the PMI-MN website, event details are not yet finalized.   Continue to monitor the Events Calendar for new events and details as they become available.

  4. Are presentations from past meetings available from PMI-MN?

    A.Presentations are posted only with permission by the presenters/speakers and are only available to those who registered for the event. Please check your event registration confirmation email to see if a link to the presentation was provided. If you still have questions, contact

Member Passwords & Email Addresses

  1. How can I get my password to log into the Member Login area? I contacted you about this problem and can still not log in. What should I do?

    A.  Go to the Login Area on the PMI-MN website. If you forgot your password, click Request a new password and enter the email you used to register your membership. If you do not receive a verification email to change your password or are still having trouble accessing your account, please contact

  2. Why doesn't my PMI username and password from PMI Global’s website ( work on the PMI-MN Member Login area? Aren't they the same?

    A. No. Your password for the PMI-MN website is not the same as your password for the PMI Global website, unless you made them the same. Please see instructions above regarding how to access your password.

  3. What is my primary email address for PMI-MN?

    A. Your primary email address is the one designated by you in your membership profile and official membership record at PMI Global.

  4. Why didn't the website send my password to me? I used the "Request new password" button, entered my email address successfully, and did not receive my password within two hours.

    A. Check your SPAM or Junk folder. Sometimes emails from are mistakenly classified as "unknown" by your email provider (ISP) filters.

  5. Why do I keep getting "Records Not Found" when trying to look up my PMI-MN password using my email address?  I tried using the "Request new password" button it doesn't work

    A. Verify you are using the email address registered with PMI Global. If you recently changed your (primary) email address you may need to update your contact information with PMI Global. Once you have updated PMI Global, email to request login information.

  6. Why didn't the webmaster send my password to me? I used the "Need a Password" button, entered my email address successfully, and did not receive my password within two hours.

    A. PMI-MN validates membership information with the official PMI Global roster once per month which means there may be a delay between the time a new member registers and the time a new member is entered into the local PMI-MN website.  When a new member is added to the local website, a password will be automatically sent to the new member at his or her primary email address.
    If you need access to the PMI-MN website before you receive official notice (and have been a member for at least three days), we can set up a temporary account for you. Please send your name, primary email address, and member ID# to

Communications & Mailing Lists

  1. Are current and past PMI-MN Chapter newsletters available online?

    A.  Yes. The current PMI-MN newsletter is published on the PMI-MN home page. A link to past issues is also available on the home page

  2. I no longer seem to be receiving notifications from the Chapter? How can I get back on your mailing list?

    1) Log in to PMI Global ( )
    2) Check your email preferences – select the email option to get emails form PMI Global and PMI Minnesota Chapter
    3) Log in to the PMI-MN Chapter website
    4) Look for “Keep Connected - Chapter Email Sign-up” link
    5) Select which notifications and emails (including the chapter newsletter) you want to receive.

Other Topics

  1. Does PMI-MN have an online document archive or repository?

    A.  Current or active documents are available to the public on our website under the ‘About Us’ tab. This includes documents useful to our organization’s members and volunteers -- and are available to any visitor to the site.

    Past newsletters and past event descriptions are available on this website. In some cases, by permission of the authors, presentations are posted. Presentations may be available in the public area or, at the request of the presenter, in the Members Only area. Not all presenters provide materials for posting online.

    Some Chapter organization documents are available only to our PMI-MN members and are in the Member Login area. These documents include such things as chapter policies, governance, forms for chapter operations, volunteer hour reporting, photo gallery, and the chapter’s annual reports.

    For PMI-MN volunteers only, a SharePoint site is available. The policy outlining document storage here is in the PMI-MN Policy manual located in the Member Login area. A ‘How To’ manual is posted on the SharePoint site.

  2. Does PMI or PMI-MN recommend or suggest specific project management software? I work in the technology department at my company. We are forming a PMO and looking for suitable Project Management software.

    A.  PMI-MN’s policy prevents us from endorsing specific products or services. While we cannot recommend any companies, products, or services to you, you contact our PCs program at -- they may be able to share their expertise with you.

  3. Can I attend the resume session if I am not a project manager? I was a Project Manager for most of my career, but am interested in being a business analyst.

    A. Yes, you may bring your business analyst resume for review. Business analysts are project management professionals, too.