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PMI Minnesota Chapter April 2019 Newsletter



Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
April 2019 Newsletter | Volume 21, Issue 4

In this newsletter:

Hello Chapter Members.  One of my leadership goals is to keep you updated with what the Chapter Board has been working on.  The 9-member Chapter Board has been diligently realigning our Policies, Procedures and Strategic Goals with PMI Global Head Quarters (GHQ). 

Some may ask, what does that mean?  PMI GHQ is our Parent, and we exist because of them. Our Chapter Leadership is striving to fulfill their transformation requirements, including all Chapter Documents so that we are speaking the same language and functioning as a high-performing community per their direction and requirements.

All chapters should align to PMI’s Strategic Plan, and conduct an Annual Planning session to align their services to the refreshed Catalog of Core services to ensure consistent value in the member services delivered across all PMI chapters globally. This year, the PMI Minnesota Chapter reached out to me, Chapter Partner, as their staff support at PMI GHQ to facilitate a dynamic Annual Planning session to ensure that the chapter is operating in alignment with PMI Global and delivering on all required core services, focusing on delivering value to the members.” – Larissa Moran, PMI Staff, Chapter Partner, North Central North America and Northeast North America Regions.

With regards to the Chapter Policies, some have asked about why the updates, and why are the updates needed.  Simply put, some policies are too vague, and some are outdated, so we have updated several policies, and will continue to do so, to align with GHQ and with our Regional2 Chapter Partners.  Per our Chapter Bylaws, Article 5, Section 9, The Board shall exercise all powers of the Minnesota Chapter, except as specifically prohibited by these bylaws, the PMI Bylaws and policies, its charter with PMI, and the laws of the jurisdiction in which the organization is incorporated/registered. The Board shall be authorized to adopt and publish such policies, procedures and rules as may be necessary and consistent with these bylaws and PMI Bylaws and policies, and to exercise authority over all Minnesota Chapter business and funds.

Finally, there have been a few inquiries about the financial health of our Chapter.  For the first time in several years, we are operating under a balanced budget and all committees have a comfortable budget to work with.  The Chapter hired an outside auditor last year, for 2017, and this year, for 2018.  Last year’s results were positive with 2 minor changes suggested, and then implemented.  We are still waiting for the final results from this year and we will be sharing those updates once they are available.

Chapter Members, your 9-member Board is striving to do what is in the best interest of the Chapter and the Chapter Members, and if you feel otherwise, please let us know what your specific concerns are, and we will correct those, if needed, to align them with PMI GHQ, or we will provide documentation to address your specific concern.

Your 9-member Chapter Board Leadership realizes what an honor it is to be in our leadership role, and we understand it is a significant responsibility to represent our 3700+ members and we will always act in the Best Interest of each one of you and our Chapter Community.  If you feel otherwise, please let us know, we are here to listen.  Thank you.


- Janice Pyka PMI-Minnesota Chapter 

PMI-Minnesota Chapter President 

New Members for the Month of March

Elizabeth Carman

Kimberly King

Joshua Traxler

Yelena Salova

Keith Klocke

Tracy Trembley

Lonnie Weber

Kelly Lone

Naomi Tulenchik

Waqar Ahmed

Maura Lynch

Eric Turner

Brandon Ballard

Michelle Maki

Katherine Ward

John Aaron Biewer

Dana Meade

Julaiti Weinila

Ashleigh Brummund

Patrick Meniboon

Dennis Wenzel

Curtis Cline

Jeff Olson

Allison Williams

Sarah Cooke

Steven Oxley

Kristin Yentes

Shon Crowley

Donna Paulsen

Marais Bjornberg

Richard Curd

Amita Penkar

Myrna Barthel

Douglas Cutler

Carmen Perrizo

Michelle Weimert

Sarah Fioritto

Carol Peterson

Kathie Hansen-Stratton

Laura Hanzal

Anandhaganesen Radhakrishnan

Angela Dee

Debra Hanzlik

Connor Ripley

Adam Annis

Lori Joiner

Brenda Simpson

Ann Bernstein

Amy Kantar

Jon Stambaugh

Carl Priest

Sandi Marinaro

Karthik Palanisamy



New PMP® Certifications for the Month of March

Christine Benner

Mary Fitzgerald

Ryan Korpela

Patrick Celaya

Lisa Haddican

Karyn Kroening

David Falkner

Jeffrey Hare

Amanda Loeffelbein

Mark Luukkonen

Shanae Phillips




Event Registration

The Chapter schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota. Please visit our Chapter Website Events Calendar!



April 15 | Career Fair 
presented by Jeff Coltman, Alisha Walter, Manish Kalra, Geraldine Marks
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM
| Crown Plaza Mpls


April 15 | Chapter Dinner: Your Authentic Happy Self
presented by Jeffry Brown
6:30 PM - 8:20 PM |
Crown Plaza Mpls


April 16 | Central MN Outreach April 2019
presented by Jeffry Brown
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM | CapitalOne


June 25 | Seminar: "Outperform 2019: Raise Your Game"
presented by Scott Welle
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
| Normandale Community College


August 10 | Saints Game
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM | St. Paul Saints - CHS Field



Chapter Officers

Janice Pyka
President - 2019


Geraldine Marks, PMP®
Director of Governance/Secretary

Adam Cherrill
Director of Finance

Sara Swanson, PMP®
President Elect - 2019


Manish Kalra, PMP®
Director at Large

Alisha Walter, PMP®
Director at Large

Mohamed Diab, MBA, PhD, PMP®
Past President - 2018

Devi Chetty, PMP®
Director at Large

Michael O'Connor, PhD
Director at Large