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PMI-MN June 2018 Newsletter



Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
June 2018 Newsletter | Volume 20, Issue 6

In this Email:



Message from the President

Dear Members,

I recently returned from Berlin, Germany, where I joined other leadership teams from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States at the 2018 PMI Leadership Institute Meeting. The team members shared best practices in providing outstanding services to our members.  PMI Minnesota was recognized in various sessions and I was extremely proud to represent our Chapter.

Information Technology advancements we have achieved over the past few years, including the ability to offer live streaming webinars and recordings of our events, is among the many success stories I shared.  The quality of programming, educational training and services we continue offering within our chapter encourages the engagement of our members in a variety of networking opportunities.  This was well recognized and admired by the PMI Headquarter Team.  It was also noted that PMI Minnesota is one of the top chapters in terms of promoting and granting project management student scholarships.

On a different topic, I would like to recognize our commitment to diversity as it is one of our greatest assets amongst our members, volunteers and leadership team.  Our multi-faceted diversity inspires us to think outside the box when offering professional services to you as well as making necessary changes in our operational processes to encourage inclusion in the field of project management.

Finally, I must mention that our board election process is upon us.  It is time for us to consider and nominate those who we feel would be great additions to the board as well as chairpersons for our chapter committees. If you are interested in becoming a part of the PMI Minnesota leadership team where you will have an opportunity to learn and grow with fellow volunteers, please don’t hesitate to apply for an opening on our website.

I hope that you enjoy your summer and have many memory making opportunities with family and friends.

- Mohamed F. Diab  MBA, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE
PMI-Minnesota Chapter President & CEO


Member News

New Members - April
Peter Adams
Michael Akinde
Anna Argint
Ali Artan
Marge Aucella
Zulfikar Bachelani
Cedrick Baker
Erica Balasko
Lora Bennett
Daniel Berg
Robert Blake
Brian  Blizil
Gayle Boesche
Chad Bosworth
Jeffrey Bransford
Pierre Callies
Michael Carrell Jr
Angela Carroll
Devi Chetty
Babalola Coker
Jason Cross
Leah Crouser
Alissa Dahlke
Esther Dawolo
Nicole Dimassis
Alton Dunkley
Everett Dunnick
Melissa Fox
Devendra Gajway
Peter Gangl
Charles Gibson
John Gregg
Catherine Groat
Brandon L. Guthman
Linda Harvey
Anthony Heredia
Anina High
Kenneth Huber
Glory Ikeata
David Johnson
Kate Kent
Samantha Kerry
Faiz Khan
Scott Klimek
Veronika Kosikova Smolej
Amy Leininger
Amanda Loeffelbein 
Jamie Luttrell
Jerald Mackey
Fabio Mariuci
Andrea Martz
Marcie McCarthy
Jarrod Midboe
Leann Mikkelson
Meghan Miller
Kailey Morgan
Barbara Mueller
Agnes  Ndamagye
Lana Nelson
Molly OConnor
Eseosa Osabuohien
Tom Owens
Sandra Paddock
Sara Palmitessa
Pearl Peoples-Swearingen
Wellyn Pomeroy
Lisa Quast
Davids Sarma
Diane Schaaf
Marilee Schaeffer
Michael Schwendinger
Jeffery Smith
Mary Smith
Steven Smith
Paul Stellwagen
Kati Stewart
Rita Stolz
Eric Synstelien
Nathan Trites
Neha Trivedi
Joseph Turchi
Keith Velishek
Loren Walberg
Katie  Weber
Victoria Wehmeyer
Kim Witthuhn
Nor Xiong
Dan Yuan
New PMP® Certifications - April
Kimberly Berger 
Bryan Blommel 
Heather Boylan 
John Easterson 
Brian Harrison 
Ramanujan Makaram
Sarah Porwoll-Lee 
Cheryl Royer 


Brian Wasserman
Ryan Weber
Cinnamon Whaley



Monthly Renewal Drawing Winner

PMI Minnesota Chapter members who renew their membership are automatically entered into a drawing and if chosen at random receive a $50 VISA gift card. Kate Kent is the winner for the month

Message from the President: December

Dear Members,

Snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped and the shopping season is in full swing. Here we are, at the end of another year! It is also the end of my term as your Chapter President. To some that will come as a relief ☺, while others (including me) will be somewhat saddened. I really appreciate all the trust, opportunity and support that I received from you. Yet in the end we all move on to new challenges and opportunities!

I believe it has been a good and productive year, with many achievements. Not the least of which is a stronger organization (retention of 73.8%), more members (over 3,500 this year, a 4.5% gain), more volunteers (over 200 between “regular” and “project” designations), and more sponsors and partners. I can’t thank our volunteers enough, as they put in their time and effort selflessly, all to your organization’s benefit. For most volunteers it was a sacrifice of time, effort and usually at some cost. Thanks to everyone who provided their time, talent and membership to make 2017 a great year!

So what did we accomplish? Here is a “short” list, sung to the tune of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” (of course it is non-linear and you will need to add a few stanzas):

  • 1 President’s Volunteer Gala (courtesy of Terri Kimball, 2016’s President)
  • 1 Career Fair
  • 1 Member Survey
  • 1 Paint-a-thon Community Service
  • 1 Chapter Business session, which included ratification of changes to the ByLaws
  • 1 Election (3 new Board members and President Elect)
  • 1 Volunteer Leadership Training Session
  • 1 Luncheon session (and more planned in 2018)
  • 1 Student Symposium
  • 2 Volunteer Recruitment Fairs
  • 2 Strategic Planning Sessions
  • 2 Market based strategic initiatives: a major marketing study by an independent firm and adoption of a PMI-MN “app” for mobile devices first used during Professional Development Days (PDD)
  • 2 Region Volunteer Leadership conferences (R2) and semi-concurrent Leadership Institute sessions (LIM) for volunteers
  • 2 Summer get-togethers for members and volunteers
  • 2+ Scholarships (Ana Alverez-Holmberg, Robert J Yourzak, plus funding in 2017 for a new perpetual PMI EF Scholarship named for the Minnesota Chapter beginning in 2018)
  • 4 PMI Certification Exam Prep Classes
  • 4 PMI Education Foundation certification programs for kids K-12
  • 5 Seminars
  • 9 Dinner Meetings (which include sessions for New Member Orientation, Career Networking, Communities of Practice for Manufacturing, Heathcare and IT, and special events)
  • 11 Breakfast Meetings
  • 11 Webinars
  • 14 Outreach Events (including 1 St Paul “pop-up” session with an Irish Chapter colleague)
  • 28 classes during PDD
  • 24 PDD Symposium Sessions

While 2017 is coming to a close, plans are underway to celebrate the volunteers of 2017 at the President’s Volunteer Gala in January 2018. Mohamed Diab (our President and my successor in 2018) and Janice Pyka (our new President-Elect and COO for 2018), along with all our “elves” (our tireless volunteers), have been planning and preparing for another fabulous year! Stay tuned to for all the latest!

- Chris Doyle
PMI-MN President / CEO



Research and forecasts show that in 10 – 15 years, more than half of the jobs will be done by contingent workers. In deciding to be a contractor or an employee, there are employment considerations to think about. The first advice is to follow the money as there is a value assigned to the services you are providing or intend to provide. As an employee, you may get equity options, salary paid per hour and bonuses. Independent contractors can be third party contractors and are paid salary, have an hourly rate, and “salary plus” (consulting fees that are attached to the billable amount).
To clinch a contractor role, timing is very important as organizations are looking to hire a contractor at the best rate, is available for the job and possess the right skillset. Companies are beginning to prefer that independent contractors are employees of a staffing firm.   >>Read More
According to Phil Almeroth, Consulting Practice Leader for LogiSolve, other things to consider are taxes, benefits and intellectual property. In terms of taxes, there is a difference between being a contractor and being an employee. As an employee, there are limitations to what you can claim as business expenses but as an independent contractor, the net is wider. In terms of benefit, as an independent contractor, you cannot claim 401k. As a W2 contract employee, the growing trend is that companies pay for your health benefits but not that of family members.
In terms of intellectual property, as an employee, everything you create is owned by the company. Companies are beginning to track their intellectual property and so the best advice is to read the terms and conditions and negotiate before signing the contract. On the other hand, if you are a contractor through a staffing firm, it may interest you to know that the staffing firm does not own the Intellectual Property and they do not keep it. Again, the advice is that you read the fine prints; do not sign a contract that you are not sure of.
Finally, to decide on whether to be a contractor or a consultant, it is important to consider the type of skills that you are bringing to the table. A skill or a certification that is scare in the marketplace can put you in the consultant space. The beginning of every career journey should begin from your network; own your career, own your network. Document what you are doing especially the decision process and planning process. Keep track of what you do and remember that background checks begin with Social Media.

Phil Almeroth made this presentation at the Career Networking Group (CNG) seminar of PMI-MN on October 16, 2017. Phil is the Consulting Practice Leader of LogiSolve, a Management & Technology Consulting firm based in St. Paul.



Networking is about connecting and connecting is about listening to people and having one-on-one conversations. It is about orchestrating high-quality conversation that can unlock opportunities. Networking and connecting have become necessary career building skills that everyone needs to have in this referral economy. We need to know how to strike interesting conversations with the people we meet but most people often times are worried about what to say, what to ask for or how to follow up effectively. This is a classic example of where practice makes perfect however, it is important to bear in mind that nobody knows everything and so when networking, it is safe to start a conversation with what the other person knows.

In this referral economy, the last way recruiters want to fill a job is by posting it online and frankly, companies are having a hard time finding talent. Following research conducted by Sue Wollan Fan, there are 4 types of people we want to connect with depending on the situation we find ourselves:

1. Supporter: The support has “done it already”, is a potential mentor and has been where you are today. The supporter gives supportive advice and offers community contacts.
2. Guide: A guide is ‘2 steps ahead’, has recent experience, gives practical advice on job specifics and can provide work referrals.
3. Advisor: An advisor has extensive experience, gives directional advice, offers industry contacts and offers a big-picture overview).
4. Connector: Has personal experiences, gives general advice and helpful ideas and offers surprising contacts.

According to Sue, we are usually disappointed when we mismatch our ‘ask’ with the type of individual we are approaching. As an example, we are asking an Advisor (big picture) who is running a non-profit about a job specifics at Target.

‘Guides’ are the most beneficial connection to those looking to expand their careers and can help by providing a job referral, specifics of the application process, on-the-job experience and/or connecting with a hiring manager. The MANGO connects app (  has tutorials that can work you through the contacts in your LinkedIn profile to identify people who fall into these roles.

After networking, it is important to send a ‘Thank You’ email to your new connection. In doing so, Sue recommends that you remember to structure the message in 4 parts:

1. Say what you learned by using “Because of you, I learned/know XYZ”
2. Put up your action plan by saying “Here are the actions I plan to take”
3. Reaffirm the intention or promise of your connection to introduce you to another contact.
4. Summarize what you have learned from the conversation for example, you can say “of all the things you shared with me, these are two things I am interested in”.

These details in the ‘Thank You’ email move the connection from transactional to relationship-based.

As always, the Career Networking Group (CNG) has learned something new on how to create authentic connections. Check out the MANGO Connects App and try “writing” your first authentic and eloquent email to a new connection. The CNG is for all members wanting to network with people, members who are in a job transition and who are interested in meeting new members. It also brings industry leading speakers to share their experiences and offer practical guidance on how to get your next big gig. The chapter offers the CNG every month at no cost to members.

Sue Wollan Fan is the Founder & CEO at MANGO Connects and the Author of “Stop Networking. Start Connecting”. She made this presentation at the CNG Seminar and Chapter meeting of PMI-MN on November 20, 2017.


Chapter Transitional Meeting

by Janice Pyka, 2018 President Elect & COO
On Saturday, October 14th, the Chapter gathered together 28 key members from the Board, Operations and Committees to begin planning for 2018. Mohamed Diab, 2018 Chapter President, kicked off the meeting by sharing highlights from our Membership Survey (see newsletter article or PDF). Brian Cohn, MarComm Committee, facilitated our productive meeting; we thank him for his thought provoking and engaging meeting.

The key question posed to all of us, “How can PMI-MN Chapter Committees better support each other?” We have a strong & dynamic chapter, let’s build on our strength & support one another. At the end of the day, each committee committed to key action items to help support, promote and gain momentum with our desire to continue to grow & build our team and Chapter.

We began with each committee charting their committee structure & makeup then identifying challenges. The committees alternated, and visited each area to brain storm on how to better support that specific committee. In the end, each committee specifically committed to support the other committees with details of what they would do. Great collaboration!

From a Membership Committee Perspective, in order to give our readers an idea of how this worked, I have included some of the outputs here in this article. Please talk with anyone of our specific committees about action items, and perhaps consider volunteering for a committee.

  • Partners & Sponsorship committed to supporting Membership more with the CNG & Career Fair
  • Programs committed to understanding retention drivers & to assist with focus programs for retention and member benefits
  • The PrC Group committed to providing industry leads / speakers for CNG

Membership committed to assist PDD with correlating membership to PDD, and we will work with Programs to better focus on retention, and there's a significant interest for a Mentor / Mentee Program, and Membership is working on the development of that.  Membership agreed to help IT & MarComm with a better profile of CNG attendees, which will help the Chapter to focus on events that are of more interest to attendees.

Feel free to reach out to any committee members who attended:

Terri Kimball, 2018 PDD Chair
Mohamed Diab, 2018 President
Joe Perzel, Finance
Jean Braun, IT
Hakki Isik, IT
Corrin Duque, IT
Matt Carr, IT
Ah Lor, IT
Rebacca Johnson, IT
Dean Boorman, MarComm
Brian Cohn, MarComm
Kimberly Johnson, MarComm
Don Dockry, MarComm
Janice Pyka, Membership
Natalia Golikova, Membership
Heidi Tysk-Poppe, PDD
Estevao “Steve” Barros
Jay Raghupathi, Partners & Sponsors
Kristie Thompson, Partners & Sponsors
Tracie Jacobson, PDD
Manish Kalra, Personal Development
Eric Sit, PrC Group
Chris Doyle, President
Patrick Cannon, Programs
Adam Cherrill, Programs
Pamela Palan, Programs
Brett Bowman, Synergos
Joy DesMarais-Lanz, Synergos
Chris Pierce, Volunteer Committee

August Volunteer of the Month

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Katy Marie Hennings as our July 2017 Volunteer of the Month.

Katy took the reins and planned the entire Saints Game get together down to the exact cost and what people would get from it. Katy made this event planning extremely easy for the planning team. PMI-MN want to show appreciation for a job extremely well done! PMI-MN would like to thank Katy for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Katy!!!


Survey on the Value of Project Management and PMOs.

Most organizations have a steady stream of projects they need to execute on to meet organizational goals   To consistently deliver results from those projects they utilize project managers, often establishing a Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office (PMO) along the way. 


This survey will be used to gather information on how PMs and PMOs are utilized and how they are value in your organization.  Joe Perzel, our March 20 speaker will be using results from this survey as a part of his presentation on  "Selling the Value of the PMO and Project Management".  Please take 5 minutes for this survey and then look for the results to be posted on the 20th.




Congratulations to PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month for January 2017

Barbara Brill

Barbara Brill has jumped in with both feet since joining PMI-MN. She joined the Sponsorship Committee and immediately stepped into selling sponsorship packages and taking care of the details that make our sponsors happy and returning to PMI-MN. As a highly capable Project Manager, whose skills the Sponsorship Committee put to good use, and also as the Co-Chair of the Sponsorship Committee, Barb helped to establish the process of working with our Sponsors and delivering on their programs with professionalism and consistency. Her fun loving attitude and smile always make her a pleasure to work with as well. PMI-MN is fortunate to have Barb as a volunteer.

PMI-MN would like to thank Barbara for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Barbara!!!

To read more, visit the Volunteer of the Month page.


PMI-MN Presents a Student Conference

Did you know that Project Management is one of the fastest growing career fields in the world?

Join us on Saturday, February 4, 2017 for a free half-day workshop on career paths and current trends in project management.

You will learn

  • What’s best, being an employee or contractor?
  • Career options available in every industry
  • Skills, certifications, resources and advanced education requirements
  • Scholarships available from PMI for both undergrad and grad students

Choose from 4 interactive sessions:

G Factor: Do You Have It? 

Your success is directly impacted by your ability to draw people to you or repel them. Learn the 7 most sought after characteristics of people in the workplace

I have to put up with what?

A quick guide on to how to work with multiple generations in the workplace

LinkedIn Simplified: Building Visibility

Learn how to use LinkedIn as a career building tool that showcases your assets. Optimize your profile, conduct a job search and find potential employers

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to relate to other team members and launch your career with Crew212

Panel Discussion: Hear from four professionals how they got their start

DATE February 4, 2017
TIME: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Commons Hotel, University of Minnesota
615 Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Continental breakfast and a box lunch will be provided.


Or call PMI-MN Registration Services at 1-888-925-7644   
(Available 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday)

Our keynote speaker is Garfield Bowen. PMP, past president of PMI-MN and current ambassador for PMIEF. Garfield will talk about his experiences as a project manager, global volunteer activities with the Project Management Institute, and introduce our scholarships.


Congratulations to PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month for December 2016

Sasha Denisova

December 2016 - Sasha Denisova 
Congratulations, Sasha Denisova! Our chapter is constantly looking for additional and better ways to communicate with its members and the local Project Management community. A key element of this communication strategy is connecting through social media channels. Prior to Sasha joining the Communications team the chapter had not been posting information about our events and initiating conversations on a regular basis. Sasha has been instrumental in increasing the number of posts in our LinkedIn Group, Facebook page, and Twitter feed with multiple posts each week. In doing this we have increased the number of members of our LinkedIn group (our most effective social media channel) by nearly 1000 members this year to break the 1000 member barrier.

Thank you, Sasha, for helping us get the word out about our events and the value of being a part of PMI-MN


Volunteer Fair Tonight - Raffle Prizes to Win!

Looking to try something new? Want to meet members and learn more about the companies that hire PMs? Looking to get out more? Volunteering is a way to do those things, and let’s face it – you got into project management to do things! The Volunteer Fair is held at the same place as the February PMI Minnesota Chapter Dinner. Easy to find and you are probably already there for one of the many events going on. The fair starts at 5pm and runs until 7pm. Representatives of various departments will meet with guests and members of PMI-MN chapter to chat about opportunities. Contribute to the organization and earn Volunteer dollars!

Upon arrival, all participants will automatically be entered in a raffle held at the end of the event and before dinner! No need to RSVP - just drop on by!


Program management legislation passed through U.S. Senate

We’re pleased to announce some exciting news from PMI: The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) was passed 30 November by the U.S. Senate. The bill will now go to the President for his signature and enactment.

This legislation is a landmark achievement that will make improvements to program and project management policy across the U.S. government.

The PMIAA validates what we as project professionals already know: investment in program management resources and standards within an organization improves outcomes, accountability and efficiency. The reforms outlined in the bill were driven by PMI member input and research, and will change program and project management within the U.S government by:

•        Creating a formal job series and career path for program and project managers

•        Developing a standards-based model for program and project management

•        Recognizing the value of executive sponsorship and engagement

•        Breaking down silos through an interagency council

For more information on the passage of the PMIAA, read the official press release.



It’s Official: Manish Kalra Wins Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship

Manish KalraManish Kalra leads a very active life, with both an impressive work and volunteer resume. He has an MBA from the University of New Delhi, PMP, CSM and Certificate of Quality (QAI). Having worked in the Health Care sector for several years, in 2014 he was received the ROCK STAR Award from Health Partners. He has also been active in PMI-MN as both a member and volunteer, while continuing his education with project management related coursework at the U of MN. Now, Manish has won the coveted Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship jointly offered through PMI-MN and ATD-GTC.

Manish was officially awarded the Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship on November 18th, at the ATD-GTC breakfast meeting at the University of St Thomas Minneapolis campus. On hand for the award was Loras Holmberg, Ana’s husband and committee chair for the scholarship. During the award ceremony Loras announced, “Manish and his background project a man of knowledge, drive, and compassion. Ana was a person who was accomplished in mind and spirit.  Manish also is, through his work and volunteer activities.”

Manish impressed the awards committee with his passion for volunteerism and social commitment. In the works of one reference, “Manish came to The Aliveness Project a non-profit helping Minnesotans living with HIV/Aids. He has excellent and effective communication skills which helped him impart his knowledge in a way that both members and staff could easily translate into everyday use. He is punctual, dedicated and passionate about the health and wellness of our members, and we love his input and knowledge.


2017 Call for Proposals to Present at Minnesota Project Management Institute

2017 Breakfast, Dinner, Seminar, Webinar, and Practitioner Presentations

The Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-MN) is soliciting proposals from prospective speakers for 2017 presentation topics for our breakfast, dinner, seminar, webinar, and Practitioner Community meetings.

PMI-MN is capturing all monthly event presentations in one RFP in order to establish our 2017 program schedule and provide our members a variety of topics as well as a forecast of upcoming presentations and speakers. Certain types of presentations include a stipend and the fee structure is listed in the Speaker Application Form.

Please also submit your proposal for a 1-hour presentation for either of the above presentation formats or a syllabus for a full day seminar during 2017. Topics and speaker selection for 2017 will be finalized in November 2016.

We are seeking interesting, timely presentations that align with the overall project management theme and satisfy our members’ requests for topics. Key topics include, but are not limited to: Best practices, lessons learned, keys to project success within industry (e.g. non-profit, healthcare, finance), project management tools, how soft skills can make you a better leader, Agile, risk management, conflict resolution, Lean, Advanced PM, global teams, crisis response/recovery projects, project selection / prioritization criteria.

Complete and return the PMI MN Speaker Application form to the PMI-MN Programs Speaker Team no later than October 1, 2016 for consideration for Breakfast and Dinner Meetings, Seminar, Webinar, and Practitioner Community events during 2017.

Email (preferred) forms to:


2017 Board of Directors Election Results

Elections are complete, your votes have been cast and counted, the Board has ratified the results, and the 2017 slate is excited to be on “Board”!

The official results were announced at the Dinner meeting October 17th.

In case you hadn’t heard, here are the new additions for 2017:


Mohamed Diab, Ph.D

Director of Governance

Geraldine Marks (Anyanwu), PMP

Director at Large

Alisha Walter

Director at Large

Mark Neumann, PMP

View the full list of 2016 Board Members.


Academic Scholarship Awarded to Philip Nushann

PMI-MN sponsors the Robert Yourzak Scholarship which is administered by the PMI Education Foundation.  It is open to both undergraduates and graduates who are studying Project Management or a related field.

This year we are proud to announce that the Philip Nushan of St. Paul has been awarded the scholarship.  Philip is an exception leader who will make a great difference in the world.  He holds a Masters in Theology from Luther Seminary.  Prior to getting this degree he worked on a program for nearly ten years in helping communities in his home country of Liberia to prevent and manage the spread of HIV & AIDS. This work specifically concentrated on orphans and vulnerable children; People living with HIV and their families as well as affected communities mostly in rural Liberia.  Philip established Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Liberia with focus on community development initiatives and is establishing a Center for Changing Lives in Liberia in order to accommodate and empower Ebola and AIDS orphans. 

After completing his studies at St. Mary’s Philip plans to return to Liberia and continue serving his people, but this time from a broader perspective and an advanced leadership standpoint.  He will also spend quality time teaching because of his firm belief that the classroom provides unique opportunities for exceptional interactions that lead to remarkable and personal transformation.  

Please join us in congratulating Philip on his accomplishments, goals, and award of the Robert Yourzak Scholarship.

For more information, visit:


Cast Your Vote for the PMI-MN Board of Directors!

Voting is open now through September 29 for your 2017 PMI-MN Board of Directors. Your participation ensures that we have the best chapter leadership​.

On the ballot you will be voting for President-Elect, Director of Governance, and two Directors at Large. Please select your preferred candidates and mark your choices carefully.

For details, please visit:
Results will be announced in October and published in the November issue of PMI-MN News.

To vote, you can either access ballot link in the September monthly newsletter or by logging in to Click the 'Vote' button in the left hand column to access the ballot (You will need your PMI membership number to vote).
Logging in to 
The User ID is the email address you have loaded in the PMI-MN database. The password can be reset from the website by entering the user ID without a password and using the reset password option. If you’re a member that has never logged in and are not sure how, send an email to so the PMI-MN IT Team can assist you.


You're Invited to a Panel Presentation on Engaging Senior Management

PMI-MN is creating a new meeting option for our members and others interested in the PM profession. This meeting will target senior members of our profession that are involved in Program, Portfolio, PMO and enterprise projects. These meeting will be held downtown over the lunch hour to expand our offerings past breakfast and dinner meetings.

The first meeting will be held downtown Minneapolis at Surescripts offices and will feature a 4 member panel presentation on Engaging Senior Management. The cost will be $15 for this first meeting and will include an Italian buffet.

For more information and to register, visit:


PMI-MN September 2016 Newsletter

PMI Project Management Institute Minnesota Chapter -
Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
September 2016 | Volume 18, Issue 9

Fbook  Twitter  LinkedIN

PMI-MN June Sponsor: SWAT Solutions


PMI-MN 2016 Dinner
PMI-MN 2016 Breakfast
PMI-MN SeptemberOutreach MN

PMI-MN September Outreach WI

PMI-MN September Webinar

In This Issue:

Message from the Chapter President

Dear Members,

It’s fall in Minnesota. The kids are back in school, the garden has given up its best produce, summer vacations have ended and we are settling into the most enjoyable season of the year. As we head into the final quarter of 2016, it’s important for us to keep our eye focused on our personal and professional goals. The Minnesota chapter has several upcoming events planned for September through November, including two seminars, three webinars, and several Outreach events in greater Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and North Dakota. We start it off with our semi-annual volunteer fair on Monday September 19.  Stop by and see what opportunities are available for you to get involved with the chapter. In addition to the volunteer fair, September’s dinner meeting will be jam-packed with great speakers at career networking and the PrCs. Check out full details on the chapter website.

We are excited to announce the roll out of our newest practitioner community, the Manufacturing/Lean/Quality PrC. It joins the Healthcare and Agile PrCs as a free opportunity for project professionals to focus on industry-specific topics for anyone interested in product development, manufacturing concepts, Lean methodology, quality control and similar topics. This new PrC is a joint venture between the Minnesota section of ASQ and PMI-MN. With a kick-off presentation on the state of manufacturing in Minnesota, this promises to be great collaboration between our two groups. I hope you will join us. As always, neither membership nor registration is required for attending PrCs. These are interest groups driven by practitioners for the benefit of all. One self-reported PDU is awarded for each session.

We continue to venture out into new areas of service for our members with the launch of our first lunch-time event in downtown Minneapolis on October 4. Interested in Program, Portfolio and PMO topics? Take the skyway to Surescripts and enjoy an Italian buffet lunch while you learn how to engage senior management.

OK, no excuses. You have at least 10 more opportunities this year to get out and network with fellow project professionals (and grab some PDUs). What are you waiting for?

Terri Kimball

Terri Kimball, PMP
President & CEO

Chapter News

2017 PMI-MN Professional Development Days

Mark your calendars to save the dates! 2017 PMI-MN PDD will be at the Saint Paul Rivercentre September 25-28, 2017!

Cast Your Vote for the PMI-MN Board of Directors

Voting is open now through September 29 for your 2017 PMI-MN Board of Directors.  We welcome your participation and every vote counts!

Please note: If you are trying to access the ballot from the PMI-MN website, you’ll need to log in to to see the voting button (left column of website [same as link above]). The User ID is the email address you have loaded in the PMI database. The password can be reset from the website by entering the user ID without a password and using the reset password option. If you’re


Congratulations to PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month for July 2016

Brian Cohn - PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month

Brian Cohn took the lead this year as "Chair pro tem" for the MarComm team. His "day job" was consuming a large amount of his time, and part of that was that it required him to travel extensively. Still he pitched in and put in a lot of extra hours to administer and manage the team, attend meetings and report to Operations. He was covering a lot of bases and from what we've seen, he has done an exemplary job. While he has since turned the reins over to the able hands of Rico Mace (Chair), he continues to put in a lot of time covering a lot of bases.

PMI-MN would like to thank Brian for his time and dedication. Congratulations Brian!!!

To read about more PMI-MN member volunteers, visit the Volunteer of the Month Page.


Use Your Leadership And Communication Skills!

It’s time for a change in leadership! As specified in our Bylaws, come September we’ll be voting for a new President Elect and 3 Directors. We rely on members like you to help us gather a qualified set of candidates for office. So consider this our “Call For Board Nominations” for 2017. 

Know of a chapter member interested in serving on the board of a world-class leading chapter - in the fastest growing professional organization in the country? Contact one of the members of the PMI-MN Nominating Committee today! Elections are held in September, results are announced in October, and published in November. The Chapter has nine board positions. In addition to the PresidentElect, three director positions are filled alternately each year.

What makes an ideal candidate? Candidates are required to have all of the following “in good standing” qualifications: 

1. Membership:

  • member of PMI-MN as recorded by PMI

2. Attendance or volunteered in the past 16 months:

  • attended 3 chapter events, or
  • volunteered a minimum of 40 hours

3. Conduct:

  • is in good standing in accordance with PMI International policies

The four PMI-MN Board of Director Positions, elected this year to begin serving in 2017 are: 

  • President-Elect
  • Director – Governance / Board Secretary
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large 

The Board Position Descriptions are listed in the Bylaws. Your helpful Nominating Committee will be glad provide.


RSVP for Tomorrow's PMI-MN Member & Volunteer Appreciation Riverboat Cruise

As a thank you for our volunteers and members, we will be hosting a free networking cruise around the downtown St Paul leg of the Mississippi River on Saturday July 16th at noon. The Padelford Riverboat cruise moves though St. Paul’s downtown harbor and the Mississippi National Great River Park. Onboard commentary will provide a bit of the historical background of the area. There is a chance we’ll spot bald eagles, herons, egrets and falcons as we travel about.

There is no charge, but space is limited.  Feel free to bring an adult guest. If you are interested, please reserve your spot or send an email to with your contact information and member ID and your guest’s name *Please note in the email whether you are a volunteer.* 




Your input needed by July 26

The PMI PMBOK Guide® is the premiere guide for Project Managers and the PMI volunteers and staff work diligently to ensure that it is filled with best practices.  A draft of The Sixth Edition has been written and is now open for final comments.  The editorial team has already reviewed over four thousand suggestions for improvements.  The new Guide includes greatly expanded coverage of Agile methodologies and each knowledge area will have new sections on Key Concepts, Trends and Emerging Practices, and Tailoring Considerations.

There is a more detailed overview of the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition Exposure Draft.  You encouraged to make comments on the Front End and Knowledge Area Sections after logging in to  The more input we have from you, the real practitioners, the better the PMBOK Guide will be.



“Paint-A-Thon” Needs You!

The PMI-MN chapter is once again participating in the Metro Paint-A-Thon to improve a home and neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. We will be working with the Community United Methodist Church of Columbia Heights again this year to paint a garage, house trim, and stain a deck and wheel chair ramp for the homeowner.

Preparation day is Saturday, July 30 and Paint Day is Saturday, August 6 (weather permitting). The fun begins at 8:30 each day and we should be done by early afternoon – breakfast and lunch will be provided.

This event is open to everyone, not just PMI members. You can volunteer for both days or one of the days – Heck! We aren’t proud, we welcome everyone to volunteer – PMI members, family, and friends of PMI.

If you like working in the outdoors, painting, volunteering for social good, or all of the above, join our PMI-MN team. Join Dan Hill, who will be leading our team effort this year, by sending your contact information to When you contact Dan, please let him know if you would be interested/willing/excited to be the Photographer of the Day to capture the fun and extent of the transformation.


Congratulations to PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month for March 2016

Amy Bangen has been a long-standing member of PMI-MN.  She has been a solid meAmy Bangen - PMI-MN Volunteer of the Monthmber of the Sponsorship Committee since its inception and has developed the Delivery Program from scratch for all of our sponsors.  Without her behind the scenes efforts, we would not have sponsors returning year after year.  Amy has contributed to the successful functioning of the sponsorship committee by her continued commitment to Sponsorship Delivery and by writing the majority of the playbooks and documentations needed for continued functioning.  This year she took on a newly developed Delivery Lead position training all new volunteers on how to handle the role.  Additionally, she has completely reorganized the Sponsorship SharePoint page, spending multiple sessions with PMI Minnesota administrator and others to smooth the process of scheduling, placement, billing and other aspects of the Sponsorship process.  In short, her willing participation has been invaluable.

PMI-MN would like to thank Amy for his time and dedication. Congratulations Amy!!!

To read more, visit the Volunteer of the Month Page Here.


PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition Draft is Open for Public Comment

Every five years, PMI publishes a new edition of our popular project management standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) During the production process, we post a working copy of the Guide online (called an exposure draft) for global stakeholders to review and comment.

On Monday, 7 March 2016 the exposure draft for the sixth edition of the PMBOK® Guide was opened for comment. Anyone interested in commenting on the exposure draft should visit the PMI Standards Update page. Your input will be incorporate into the final draft to ensure the Guide reflects current trends and practices in project management, and to maintain our American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation.PMI Talent Triangle

Two important changes will occur for the newest edition of the PMBOK® Guide:

  • The exposure draft process will be performed in two stages, rather than one, as it has in the past.
  • This edition will include more information about agile and other iterative methods, as well as new references to the PMI Talent Triangle™.

Exposure Draft Process

In the past, the PMBOK® Guide was shared in its entirety during the exposure draft review. For the Sixth Edition, we will conduct the exposure draft review in two stages:

  • The first stage will be for the Standards section (The Standard for Project Management). This section will undergo full consensus review. In a full-consensus review, each comment is evaluated by a committee of PMI volunteers who respond to each comment individually. If the person who submitted the comment doesn’t agree with their decision, they may file an appeal. This stage begins 7 March and ends on 6 April 2016.
  • The second stage will be for the Guide section (the introductory and general knowledge area sections), which will undergo limited consensus review. All comments will be reviewed with the same level of scrutiny and consideration, but the committee will not reply to comments, nor will they be eligible for the appeals process. The dates for this stage are not yet scheduled.

These changes will streamline the publication process, will potentially allow us to introduce the new edition of the PMBOK® Guide sooner, and will help to manage the workload for the volunteers dedicated to updating this essential resource for project managers worldwide.

Content enhancements

Key changes to this edition that reflect the current state of the profession are:

  • Information regarding the approaches often used in agile and other iterative practices including:
    • Information about agile and other practices often used in an adaptive environment in each Knowledge Area section (Sections 4–13)
    • An appendix to The Standard for Project Management on agile and other iterative practices
  • A greater emphasis on the Strategic and Business Knowledge aspects of project management 
  • A new chapter on the role of the project manager which discusses the PMI Talent Triangle™.

Volunteer Fair - Monday, February 22, 2016

The Volunteer Fair is the annual PMI-MN chapter event held before the February PMI Minnesota Chapter Dinner. Representatives of various volunteer groups will meet with guests and members of PMI-MN chapter to  talk about existing volunteer opportunities. Upon arrival, all participants will automatically be entered in a raffle which will be held at the end of the event and before dinner.

For more information visit:


Special Offer – Renew now to be entered in the Target Gift Card Drawing

Renew your membership between now and December 20 and you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to Target.  To be eligible you must renew a currently active membership or one that has lapsed no more than 60 days ago.  The winner will be notified by email in early January. 



Christopher Boyce Awarded Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship

Christopher Boyce was officially awarded the Ana Alvarez-Holmberg Scholarship on September 21, 2015, at the PMI MN dinner meeting in Minneapolis. Residing and working in Jamaica, Christopher was not able to be present for the award. However, the announcement was also a part of that night’s webcast.

Loras Holmberg, speaking on behalf of the selection committee, said, “Chris came across as enthusiastic with dreams and goals. All of us should shoot for that.” One of Christopher’s references described him as… ”very thoughtful. He is not one to respond carelessly to impulses, this is reflective of a discipline that will ensure he completes what is required of him, but more so, an ability to think critically about what he is doing, and what is before him… making an impact on Caribbean lives… [displaying] not only competence, but also caring…” 
Christopher, a native of Barbados, currently works for Sandals Resorts International within their Projects & Engineering Management team. He has also acted as project lead for the Sandals Foundation. He led a community project to give the Ciceron Children’s Home on the island of St. Lucia a face lift. “Whenever I can, I also go to schools to read to the children with the Sandals Foundation Reading Road Trip.” Christopher holds a PMI CAPM and will be using his scholarship to further his PMBOK training and certification. He hopes to announce his PMP certification soon.

Ana Alvarez-Holmberg was a local leader and volunteer in project management and corporate training, Her legacy lives on with a scholarship. Together, both the PMI MN chapter and the Twin Cities chapter of the American Society of Training and Development (ATD-GTC) offer an annual scholarship in her name. The scholarship is presented each year to an adult learner who exhibits Ana’s fine characteristics in their own life. The selection committee looks for individuals who have volunteered to help enrich the lives of others. View Past Recipients