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PMI-MN January 2018 Newsletter

Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
January 2018 NEWSLETTER | Volume 20, Issue 1

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Message from the President 

It is my pleasure and an honor to start my role as Chapter President & CEO for 2018. I am excited to continue serving you as a member of this top globally recognized chapter. We should all be proud to be part of such a successful and worldwide recognized chapter of three thousand and six hundred members. And in such a robust geography of project management professionals that are involved in leading or managing so many business sectors: medical, engineering and construction, information technology, manufacturing, federal and government, aerospace, military, and other industries.

Thank You, Chris Doyle, Past President, and all volunteers who have been involved in these different chapter projects and programs.  I appreciate the leadership Chris provided to improve our operational efficiencies through initiatives to serve your needs as chapter Members. He also supported numerous new innovations by our hundreds of volunteers that enabled improved member services through key strategic initiatives to increase overall chapter membership value.

Thank you, chapter members, Partners and Sponsors for your deep support in supporting the profession locally. Our programming is here to serve your needs, to improve and achieve your professional goals. We are grateful for your generous financial and volunteer support throughout the past year and the current year.

2018 has started with the chapter embarking on our multiyear strategic plan, focused on the following three objectives:

  • Expand market coverage
  • Deliver expert solutions
  • Drive efficiencies & engagement

And to achieve our chapter objectives, the 2018 business plan calls on:

  • Increasing & maintaining strategic improvements
  • Developing & deepening member centricity
  • Strengthening & stabilizing our organizational agility

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- Mohamed F. Diab  MBA, Ph.D, A.M.ASCE
PMI-MN Chapter President & CEO


Chapter News


Our Chapter events provide our members with peer networking, professional development, and Professional Development Units (PDU) opportunities throughout the year.  Planning and executing these monthly events is a major volunteer team effort across the multiple Operations committees in the Chapter.  Our Chapter members and non-members alike provided valuable feedback in 2017 regarding our event venues, event pricing, and speaker selection.   Feedback indicated that our choice of venues was a significant factor for why our chapter members do not attend events regularly, more frequently, or even at all.  In response to this feedback, the Programs Team initiated a project to reevaluate our venues for 2018 and beyond.  The dedicated volunteers of the  Programs Team are delighted to share the methodology and results of our 2018 Venue Source Selection...


Can you believe it’s already January and Spring is just around the corner? But I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard to think about Spring when we’re focused on bundling up while adding layers upon layers of clothes on in hopes of staying warm during this wickedly cold winter. Though Spring is not in the air at this very moment, before you know it the snow will melt, the weather will warm, the birds will be singing, flowers will begin to blossom, and we will have more sunshine to fill our days providing us the much needed vitamin D we lack in the winter! With Spring comes new life, new attitudes, and we are rejuvenated by new opportunities all around us. It’s the perfect time of year to #springforward in your career by planting new seeds in your professional garden, and attending the PMI MN annual career fair. The career fair is dedicated to providing services and resources to assist PMI MN Chapter members and non-members with improving their career experiences, skills and job opportunities. Take a proactive role in your career success and advancement!. Join us this year on April 16th, 2018 from 8-4pm to #springforward and open doors you didn’t even know existed. Whether you’re a job seeker or content in your current position, this is the right time to revisit what you know, enhance a skill, expand your network and learn something new that will help your career blossom. 


The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Cecelia Cartier as our November 2017 Volunteer of the Month. Cecelia has been managing the Seminars team for over a year now. She has used her strong leadership skills to ensure greater attendance in all our events, and making sure nothing is missed out in planning them. When there was a sudden emergency which lead to cancellation of the Seminar, she handled the whole thing very professionally. She personally reached out to all attendees by both email and phone calls and made sure we follow up with them on rescheduling. 

PMI-MN would like to thank Cecelia for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Cecelia!!!



The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Taleya Hamilton as our December 2017 Volunteer of the Month. Taleya is a wonderful volunteer! Her contributions to the 2017 Ana Alvarez-Holmberg scholarship were instrumental to our success. She took charge of communicating to students about the scholarship and found great ways of expanding the awareness of our scholarship. She shows great thought leadership and we were very grateful to leverage her deep knowledge about scholarships. She participated in the process of interviewing our candidates and was part of the process of determining a winner.

Taleya also volunteered for Programs by taking over PDU reporting for breakfast and dinner meetings. This process includes entry of same into the Global system, along with entry of the PrCs into the Global system for attendees to self-report.  She is a quick learner and was on her own within two months after training.  However this role might change in the future, Taleya is certainly someone the chapter can count on to step up and take on the challenge.  We very much appreciate Taleya’s attention to detail with this responsibility.

PMI-MN would like to thank Taleya for her time and dedication. 
Congratulations Taleya!!!


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Member News

New Members for the Month of November

  • Justin Anderson
  • Lauren Asmus
  • Devashish Barua
  • Karen Bergstrand
  • Woubalem Birmachu
  • Alex Borovkov
  • Emily Brolsma
  • Chris Buboltz
  • Tricia Conway
  • Nicole Coyle
  • Sonal Dhawan
  • Wynette Dietz
  • Noreen Dix
  • Deborah Duncan
  • Laura Elbakkal
  • Jodi Evenson-MacCallum
  • James Fisher
  • Jodi R. Galloway
  • Zachary Graham
  • Jacinda Green
  • Lance Grimm
  • Jessica Hagg
  • Wayne Hochrein
  • Kim Holmquist-Fischer
  • Kristen Hurlburt
  • Beltza Jimenez
  • Lyle Johnson
  • Randy Johnson
  • Ibrahima Kaba
  • Tony Kelleran
  • Brett Klavon
  • Richard Kurlinski
  • Jessica La Forest
  • Melissa Lavigne
  • T. Chuck Leisinger
  • Maria Maldonado
  • Anastacia Marinho
  • Di Anna McCarter Ph.D.
  • Timothy McCormick
  • Tina McCormick
  • Jeffery Scott Miesbauer
  • Melinda Miller
  • Renee Mungas
  • Joseph Nadeau IV
  • Ann Nobriga
  • Alloyce Ongou
  • Cyprian Onyeaghala
  • Shannon Otterdahl
  • Brooke Prestegard
  • Bharathan Pulluvallil
  • Adam Reiter
  • Mariangellys Rodriguez
  • Shawn Roop
  • Bill Saulsberry
  • AC Shepherd
  • Janelle Smith
  • Cheryl M. Smith
  • Jim Smith
  • Jackson Sonterre
  • Matthew Sorenson
  • Jessica Lynn Stevens
  • Timothy Sunde
  • Andrew Syrup
  • Wesley Thomsen
  • Jay Tobin
  • Pat Tomquist
  • Mikaela Tunell
  • Jesus Ricardo Vazquez Romero
  • Doug Wespiser
  • Charles Williams
  • Angela Wohlleber
  • Jenny Zachman
  • Sonya Zuker

New Certifications for the Month of November

  • Matthew Becker
  • Rebekah Brownson
  • Tracie Decker
  • Jodi Evenson-MacCallum
  • Cynthia Gustafson
  • LM Hagre
  • Jennelle Jacobson-Gallus
  • Tony Kocanda
  • Amelia Koenig
  • Terri Kroll
  • David Kuhn
  • Sara Larson
  • Antonio Inigo Marquez Valiente
  • Kelly Mayerle
  • Genevieve McSpaden
  • Monika Morris
  • Chelsea O'Connor
  • Chelon Rasmussen
  • Mike Rosandich
  • Stacey Ryan
  • Kimberly Sorgert
  • Madeline Steffenson
  • Nisha Thuruthy
  • Pat Tornquist
  • Eric VanTassel
  • Shelly Wallen
  • Kyle Kuekuehlwe
  • David O'Neil

Monthly Renewal Drawing Winners
PMI Minnesota Chapter members who renew their membership are automatically entered into a drawing. Using a random number generator, each month we pick 1 winner who will receive a $50 VISA gift card.

For the month of November the gift card went to Joe Flanagan. Congratulations Joe, and thank you for your continued support and involvement.


Save the Date - Register and Save 

The chapter schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.

Check our PMI-MN Events Calendar on the Events tab at for ongoing details and registration for upcoming events.

❄ January Events 

  • January 15th - Spring Forward Your Career 
    "Compounding Your Confidence: Strategies to Prepare for the 2018 PMI-MN Career Fair" 
    presented by Jill Johnson | 5:00-6:30pm | Crowne Plaza Aire MSP Airport
  • January 15th - Agile PrC
    You’re Probably More Wrong than You Know (or Measure)" 
    presented by David Hussman | 5:30-6:30pm | Crowne Plaza Aire MSP Airport
  • January 15th - Healthcare PrC
    Complexity Leadership - New Leadership Theory Describes Depth of Project Management in Healthcare" 
    presented by JP Hagerty | 5:30-6:30pm | Crowne Plaza Aire MSP Airport  (1.0 PDU


  • January 15th - Chapter Dinner - sponsored by  
    Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room" 
    presented by Polly Meyer | 6:30-8:30pm | Crowne Plaza Aire MSP Airport  (1.0 PDU


  • January 16th - Outreach CE (St. Cloud)
    "Setting Up New Taiwan Operations, Challenges and Success"
    presented by Scottie Holmes | 5:30-7:30PM | Heritage Room, St. Scholastica (1.0 PDU)


  • January 20th - Project Management Skills For Life
    "Teenager Outreach Education Program" Courses for Metro Area Youth 13-20.
    presented by PMI-MN & BSA Northern Star Council | St. Paul Community College


  • January 20th - ✴ The Presidents Gala 
    Volunteers, brush off your Fedora and shake out those Glad Rags! We will be having a 1920’s Gangster Theme gala, let’s have fun and dress to meet the Gangsters of the 20s!
    6:00PM - Midnight | Wabasha Caves


  • January 24th - Webinar
    "How to Reverse the Trend of Failed Projects- The Organizational Culture Change Solution"
    presented by Dr. Ginger Levin | 12:00-1:00PM | Online (1.0 PDU)

☃ February Events ☃  

  • February 13th - Chapter Breakfast
    Details Coming Soon!
    presented by TBA | 7:00-8:40AM | Midland Hills Country Club (1.0 PDU)
  • February 19th - Agile PrC
    "Are You Agile Enough to Reinvent Yourself?"
    presented by Stacey Ackerman | 5:30-6:30PM | Double Tree Park Place (1.0 PDU)
  • February 19th - Healthcare PrC
    "Tools for Life: Building a Healthy You"
    presented by Jane Schuette | 5:30-6:30PM | Double Tree Park Place (1.0 PDU)
  • February 19th - Chapter Dinner
    Multiply Your Impact! The Four Biggest “Force Multiplers” for Project Portfolios
    presented by Mike Hannan | 6:30-8:30PM | Double Tree Park Place (1.0 PDU)

Chapter Officers

Mohamed Diab, MBA, PhD
Geraldine Marks, PMP®
Director - Governance/Board Secretary
Joe Perzel, PMP® 
Director of Finance
Janice Pyka
President Elect/COO - 2018
Manish Kalra, PMP®
Director at Large
Alisha Walter
Director at Large
Chris Doyle
Past President - 2017
Sara Swanson, PMP®
Director at Large
Mark Neumann, PMP®
Director at Large



PMI-MN Office
4248 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis, MN  55416
phone: (651) 917-6246
fax: (651) 917-1835

PMI Headquarters
Four Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299
phone: (610) 356-4600
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