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PMI-MN March 2018 Newsletter


Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute
Building Professionalism in Project Management
March 2018 Newsletter | Volume 20, Issue 3

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Message from the President

The heart of Global PMI’s new strategy is ensuring that we deliver individual value to our most important customers throughout their careers.

There is a demand for faster, more flexible, and easier-to-learn project management methodologies and approaches. Most of our members interact with our Chapter through online channels. We invested last year and continue doing so this year in resources to build the digital capabilities to serve our volunteers and members, which will simplify our processes. We continue to invest in data and technology infrastructure in order to accommodate the rich two-way conversations with our members.

Organizational agility is one of core strategic direction, we started to look at our services and processes to improve our operations and services. Our goal is to develop new staff capabilities, aligning committees across segments, integrating the voice of the member, and sourcing new business capabilities, which will allow our Chapter to capture opportunities faster.

I hope that we deliver our promises for outstanding Chapter capabilities and services that would enhance our members' career opportunities. Please keep us informed of any type of training or knowledge sharing capabilities that you would like to see in our Chapter services to members.

We have just secured PMI Board Member, Teresa Knudson, to update us on the "PMI Transformation Plan" at our October dinner meeting. Don't miss this event as she will have the latest on where PMI Global is at in the transformation plan execution.

- Mohamed F. Diab  MBA, Ph.D, A.M.ASCE
PMI-Minnesota Chapter President & CEO


Member News

New Members - January
  • Jolie Anderson
  • Shawn Anderson
  • Ardavan Ashrafi
  • Gaurang Bastikar
  • Steven Beam
  • Darren Bergstrom
  • Ingrid Berkholtz
  • Randy Bunting
  • Nalani Desjardins
  • Mohamed Dirie
  • Greg Franzen
  • Oliver Frost
  • Kari Geurts
  • Christina Ginther
  • John Gisel
  • John Golnitz
  • Jim Grimshaw
  • Alexandra Hanson
  • Josh Hertle
  • Alicia Houske
  • Robert Hunt
  • John Hunter
  • Linda Jacobsen
  • Jim Jungmann
  • Barbara Larson
  • Jennifer Lehmann
  • William Mahlum
  • A. Marquez Valiente
  • Kelly Mayerle
  • Christopher Perkins
  • Amy Porter
  • Shane Prevost
  • Chris Salitros
  • Kimberly Sorgert
  • Tiffaney Styles
  • Bryon Tamasi
  • Jiyorvmi Tobrise
  • Joe Trnka
  • Terri Uglem
  • Lee Vang
  • Sanjay Verma
  • Trent Welander
  • Data Yang
  • Zarr Yarpah

New PMP® Certifications - January

  • Georgia Anderson 
  • Sandra Boegeman 
  • Alicia Braun 
  • Sowjanya Dasika 
  • Neal Feldhahn 
  • Amy Gale 


  • Christina Ginther 
  • Robert Hunt 
  • Jacque Ince 
  • Jennifer Lastine 
  • Meghan Malaney 
  • Darin Mjoen 
  • Tara Nienaber 
  • Sara Olson 
  • Ross Reverman 
  • Crystal Roberts 
  • James Rodriguez 
  • Julie Trzebiatowski 
  • Alisha Walter 

Monthly Renewal Drawing Winner

PMI Minnesota Chapter members who renew their membership are automatically entered into a drawing and if chosen at random receive a $50 VISA gift card. Sarah Cotter is the winner for the month of January. Congratulations Sarah and thank you for your continued support and involvement.


Events & Registration


The chapter schedules events for project management professionals (members and guests) throughout the year at the following locations: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Duluth-Superior; St. Cloud-Waite Park, Mankato in Minnesota & Fargo-Moorhead, Bismarck-Mandan, Grand Forks in North Dakota.  Please visit our Chapter Website Events Calendar!

March 19 | Chapter Dinner
"Control Freaks, Queen Bees and Workplace Saboteurs: Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your Project Nightmare"
presented by Paul Pelletier | 6:30-8:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (1.0 PDU)

March 19 | Annual Meeting
6:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest


March 19 | Healthcare PrC
"Complexity Leadership-New Leadership Theory Describes Depth of Project Management in Healthcare"
presented by JP Hagerty | 5:30-6:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (1.0 PDU)


March 19 | Manufacturing-Lean-Quality PrC
"Fundamental CI & Value Stream Concepts for Project Managers"
presented by Brant Nieminski | 5:30-6:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (1.0 PDU)


March 19 | Agile PrC
"How Do We Know We're Delivering Value and Having a Beneficial Impact?"
presented by Kevin Burns | 5:30-6:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (1.0 PDU)


March 19 | Career Networking Group
"Is Consulting Right For Me?"
presented by Hollstadt Consulting | 5:30-6:30PM | Minneapolis Marriott Northwest


March 20 | Outreach-St. Cloud
"Portfolio Management and Strategic Alignment"
presented by Terri Kimball, PMP® | 5:30-7:30PM | St. Cloud State University  (1.0 PDU)


March 22 | Outreach Bismarck-Mandan
"March Lunch Event"
5:30-7:30PM | North Dakota State Capital  (1.0 PDU)


March 24 | Free Seminar
"Control Freaks, Queen Bees and Workplace Saboteurs: Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your Project Nightmare"
presented by Paul Pelletier | 8:30AM-12:30PM | Normandale Community College (4.0 PDU)

April 10 | Chapter Breakfast
"NextGen PPM: Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Wave"
presented by Tad Haas | 7:00AM-8:40PM | Midland Hills Country Club (1.0 PDU)

April 16 | 10th Annual Career Fair
3:00-6:30PM | Crown Plaza Mpls Airport


April 17 | Spring 2018 PMP®/CAPM ® Certification Prep Course
6:00PM-9:00PM | Minnesota State University Mankato - Edina Campus (24.0 PDU)


April 17 | Outreach-St. Cloud
5:30PM-7:30PM | Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (1.0 PDU)


April 23-26 | SeminarsWorld® 2018 Minneapolis
Hilton Minneapolis (28.0 PDU)


April 25 | Webinar
"High -Velocity Productivity: the Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Work"
presented by Adam Cherrill | 12:00-1:00PM (1.0 PDU)


April 26 | Bismarck-Mandan
11:30AM-1:00PM | North Dakota State Capital (1.0 PDU)


Chapter Officers


Mohamed Diab, MBA, PhD
Geraldine Marks, PMP®
Director-Governance/Board Secretary
Joe Perzel, PMP®
Director of Finance
Janice Pyka
President Elect/COO - 2018
Manish Kalra, PMP®
Director at Large
Alisha Walter, PMP®
Director at Large
Chris Doyle
Past President - 2017
Sara Swanson, PMP®
Director at Large


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