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2017 PMI-MN Volunteers of the Month

PMI-MN Recognizes Volunteers for their Service

The PMI-MN Volunteer of the Month Award recognizes PMI-MN members who exhibit leadership, dedication, initiative, and whose multiple accomplishments in their area(s) of volunteerism, on behalf of PMI-MN, contribute a high level of impact to the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

To nominate an outstanding PMI-MN Volunteer, submit a Volunteer of the Month nomination!

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Chris Pierce

January 2018 - Chris Pierce 

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Chris Pierce as our January 2018 Volunteer of the Month. Chris took over the Volunteer Services Chair position in 2017.  At the time there was no one still familiar with VRMS and we were behind on listing available volunteer positions. Chris got us rapidly caught up and also began maintaining the volunteer listing page on the PMI-MN web site. With only days on the job, she obtained some able volunteers for her team, put on a Volunteer Fair and continued to develop the committee. By the end of 2017, Volunteer Services had put on 2 Volunteer Fairs, found a sponsor for both fairs, and put on 2 summer events the sponsored Picnic event and the Saints event. Both summer events provided family fun for volunteers and members. Chris’ team took on the 2018 President’s Gala event for volunteers and most recently provided another sponsored Volunteer Fair. Chris is also an able speaker and author, and has provided presentations on the PMI-MN Outreach and webinar circuit.

PMI-MN would like to thank Chris for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Chris!!!

January 2017 - Barbara Brill
Barbara Bill has jumped in with both feet since joining PMI-MN. She joined the Sponsorship Committee and immediately stepped into selling sponsorship packages and taking care of the details that make our sponsors happy and returning to PMI-MN. As a highly capable Project Manager, whose skills the Sponsorship Committee put to good use, and also as the Co-Chair of the Sponsorship Committee, Barb helped to establish the process of working with our Sponsors and delivering on their programs with professionalism and consistency. Her fun loving attitude and smile always make her a pleasure to work with as well. PMI-MN is fortunate to have Barb as a volunteer.

PMI-MN would like to thank Barbara for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Barbara!!!

Brandon Olson

February 2017 - Brandon Olson

Brandon Olson has been a volunteer for several years, managing the NE MN Outreach program (Duluth MN / Superior WI). Last year he agreed to take the Co-Chair position for the Community and Outreach Department. in PMI / PMI-MN programs.

Both as a program manager and now as co-chair, Brandon has traveled to all the MN Outreach programs to meet with the managing teams and assisted with the community programs. Brandon has also been an active speaker and presented at a number of Outreach events and the PDD. As a representative of St. Scholastica University (a PMI-MN partner and Outreach sponsor), he has helped in partnering with other colleges, and increasing student interest

PMI-MN would like to thank Brandon for his time and dedication.

Congratulations Brandon!!!

Kathy Marie Hennings

July 2017 - Kathy Marie Hennings

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Katy Marie Hennings as our July 2017 Volunteer of the Month.

Katy took the reins and planned the entire Saints Game get together down to the exact cost and what people would get from it. Katy made this event planning extremely easy for the planning team. PMI-MN want to show appreciation for a job extremely well done! PMI-MN would like to thank Katy for her time and dedication.

Congratulations Katy!!!

Kathy Marie Hennings

August 2017 - Anastasia Demehin 

The Chapter is honored to present Anastasia Demehin as our August 2017 Volunteer of the Month. Anastasia stepped up to the coordination of the chapter's Career Networking Group (CNG) that is offered before every chapter dinner. She has diligently worked to secure quality speakers and presenters for our chapter members to learn from and gain new insights. Anastasia has also added 2 volunteers into her group to create a fun, and lively professional team—it’s a team you’ll want to learn from through their spot-on engagement.  

Congratulations to Anastasia for making the CNG so successful after 2 years of leadership!

Rich Walker

September 2017 - Rich Walker

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Rich Walker as our September 2017 Volunteer of the Month.  Rich has been volunteering with the Chapter for several years in various capacities. Currently he is a PMP Instructor in the Professional Development team and has done some amazing work as part of this team. He has also held a Board position and a Co-Chair position in the past. PMI-MN would like to thank Rich for his time and dedication.  

Congratulations Rich!!!

October 2017 - Joel GoodmanJoel

The PMI-MN Chapter is honored to present Joel Goodman as our October 2017 Volunteer of the Month.  Joel leads the WebStreaming Team for Chapter Breakfast and Dinner events. He has been responsive with all requests he gets for help and information, and has been consistent in ensuring that WebStreaming is available for each event. He manages a distributed team of more than ten volunteers who support events at three different geographical locations around the cities. Joel has been a consistent performer and is a great asset to PMI-MN. 

PMI-MN would like to thank Joel for his time and dedication. 

Congratulations Joel!!!